Attacks on Florida Pagan Author – Latest News and What You Can Do

KyrjaAs you might have read, either on The Wild Hunt, the FL PNC, or in local FL news, New Port Richey, FL resident Kyrja Withers has been the target of multiple attacks on her home. You may recognize her name as the author of the Rupert’s Tales books, a series of books which follow a rabbit named Rupert as he experiences the Wheel of the Year.

The attacks include gunshots fired at her home and, most recently, bottles of fluid were thrown at the house and exploded.  These attacks not only impact her, but her husband and step daughter who live with her. Her step daughter was outside when the bottles were thrown at the house.  She had to be put on steroids and an inhaler following the incident.

Everglades Moon Local Council deplores and denounces all acts of violence.  Our members have been voicing their concerns for the family and asking these questions:  What is going on to find out who is behind these attacks and stop them from occuring?  and How can we help?

Our First Officer, Kasha, reached out to Kyrja to help us with these answers.  While she is a private person, she said she understands that staying quiet about these incidents will not help.  Kyrja says:

If we don’t [speak out], then why should others who find themselves in similar situations?  And how will we, collectively, ever “normalize” our faith so that each of us feels free to actively persue our own life, liberty and persuit of happiness?  While we are not happy to find ourselves in this situation, we know we have the opportunity to make a difference.  And making a difference is exactly what Rupert’s Tales has always been about.

Lady Liberty League has stepped in and is helping Kyrja and her family work with police to identify the individuals behind these attacks. Selena Fox, of Lady Liberty League/Circle Sanctuary, says that they are open to assistance in helping resolve this situation. You can connect with Lady Liberty League at their Facebook Page, where you can also find more information about their involvement with this case.

We are Witches.  So another way that we can help is through our spellcraft and energy work.  Kyrja has asked for workings related to Justice and Peace to be done on their behalf.  The first attack on her home left a large bullet hole in the window.  Being a crafty witch, she used it, and the surrounding cracked glass, as inspiration, drawing a large spider web around the window. You may use this as a focus to send your own energy into the web and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Spiderweb of Energy that surrounds the bullet hole in Kyrja’s home.

She has also asked for Peace – specifically, a boost to their Happy energy.  Kyrja says, “We want to feel good again.  To feel our normal “giggly” selves.  THAT is what we truly need, more than anything else.  A moment in time to just breathe.”  To give you an example of how happy these folks are, here’s what their house looks like:

Kyrja’s House!

So here’s an open call to all Witches, Pagans, Wiccans, and other New Age’ers: Send your energies for Happiness and Justice to Kyrja and her family! Feel free to leave a comment below about how you did this!  This will help us help each other find new ways to pitch in!