Beltane Craft: Your Personal Maypole

beltaneI’d like to share with you a craft to make your own personal Maypole.  This is great to make with small children as you describe what Beltane is to them.  You can also make this with your coven if you cannot dance the Maypole for some reason. All the materials I used for this project I was able to purchase at my local craft store. 

To make this project, you will need:

  • A short wooden dowel, about 8″-12″
  • A wooden disc, about 12″ in diameter
  • Paints
  • Hot glue and a Hot Glue Gun
  • Ribbons
  • Optional Decorations, such as small people, flower garlands, etc.

To make your Maypole:

  1. The wooden disc will be the base of your Maypole and the dowel will represent the Maypole itself.  Paint these however you want.  I painted my wooden disc a light green to represent grass.  My Maypole is red with a golden spiral going from top to bottom.
  2. Once the paint dries, hot glue the dowel to the center of your wooden disc.
  3. Affix ribbons to the top of your Maypole with hot glue (BE CAREFUL!! I burned myself a few times holding down the ribbons – use the lower setting on your hot glue gun).  You can pick festive colors, colors representing what you’d like to grow in the fertile spring-time soils, etc.
  4. Now you can decorate! I wove a few flowers together into a circlet that is about the same size as the base of my Maypole. Luckily, it’s about the same size around as my head 🙂  I was able to wear this to a Mayday celebration and then bring that energy back to my personal Maypole.  You can also hot glue little people dancing your Maypole to the base and give them the ribbons.

Tah-Dah!  You’re done!  Below are some pictures, for those who prefer picture step-by-steps: