Bok Tower Trip, Mar 2009, at the Annual Retreat

This past March 7 & 8, 2009 marked our EMLC annual retreat which was held at the Flaming Arrow Boy Scout Camp in Lake Wales, Florida.  We always look forward to this time when we can hang out with our friends, and this year we combined it with another wonderful experience, a visit to Bok Tower Gardens.

If you’ve never been to Bok Tower, you can find more information on their webiste,

This Tower of pink marble and cochina which houses a 60 bell carillon that plays a concert several times a day, sits in the center of beautiful landscaped gardens designed by Olmstead.  On Iron Mountain, the tallest peak in Florida, it is surrounded by the gardens, and encircled by oak trees and lawn.  It has to be one of the most serenely beautiful places on earth, let alone here in Florida, and it is one of my very favorite yearly “recharge” destinations.  The Goddess’s handiwork is in each flower, and can be heard in every birdsong.  The views and vistas are incredible, and mundane cares just melt away in the presence of such sacred beauty.  Our coven has been fortunate to visit there every year, usually in March when the azaleas and camellias are blooming, and we have invited all of our LC friends to come and enjoy the day with us.

So this year it was doubly delightful to be able to enjoy our annual retreat and combine it with a trip to Bok Tower Gardens.  Cool

Lady Bridget,   Witch & Famous Coven