Editorial: Rights and Responsibilites

I spent this past Friday and Saturday at the Lake Okeechobee Summer Solstice  Festival- this was a pleasant, peaceful event that gained a lot of attention when local Pastors threatened to protest the presence of Pagans in their small rural town. This weekend Kyrja Withers of New Port Richey posted pictures of her flourishing garden, but only 2 months ago, she was experiencing pellets being shot through her windows and bottle bombs being thrown at her house. Just a few Read More

In Gods and Godesses We Trust

In Gods and Goddesses We Trust There have been a plethora of articles looking back at 9/11 and it’s deep impact upon us. For most us, Pagans included, it evoked a strong desire to set aside the small stuff, to connect with our families and communities, and to make sense of our experiences of loss, shock, loyalty, and patriotism. Some of us Pagans experienced an extra sense of fear or uncertainty, too. As a minority religion, the waves of condemnation Read More