Beltane Craft: Your Personal Maypole

I’d like to share with you a craft to make your own personal Maypole.  This is great to make with small children as you describe what Beltane is to them.  You can also make this with your coven if you cannot dance the Maypole for some reason. All the materials I used for this project I was able to purchase at my local craft store.  To make this project, you will need:   A short wooden dowel, about 8″-12″ A Read More

Ostara Craft: Yarn Eggs

While perusing Facebook, someone (and forgive me, but I can’t remember who) posted a pictorial guide to making yarn eggs.  I thought to myself… Self! You have an over-abundance of yarn! This could be a way to make snazzy Ostara/Primavera presents for all your friends AAANNNDDD make yourself feel better about all that yarn you’ve been hording! I immediately got to work.  I’ll outline the basic-ness of the project, and even give you some step-by-step pictures.  I’ll also clue you in on Read More