Covenant of the Goddess: Science Statement

Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 16, 2018:  During the 2018 Grand Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (COG), held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, attending COG members adopted a scientific statement reflecting their support of scientific methods.

The author of the statement, Andrea Kendall, member and an Interfaith Representative of the Covenant, explains, “In a society where science and religion sometimes find themselves at odds, the Covenant of the Goddess, whose members follow a nature-based religion, wishes to state support for the ethical application of the scientific method.”

It is the author’s opinion that, “Science provides one of the best tools for understanding nature, and that there is no inherent conflict between its methodologies and our religion. Science provides information that often creates a sense of wonder about the natural world and a better understanding of our ancient past.”

Scientific Statement
We, the members of the Covenant of the Goddess, honor Mother Nature and seek to better understand Her.

We recognize that, when correctly applied, the scientific method gives us a greater understanding of that which we hold sacred.

We also look to the Pagan past and see such figures as Hypatia of Alexandria as a shining example that religion and science do not need to conflict with each other.

While understanding the limits of science, we embrace its gifts and the wonders it can show us.

We thus support ethical scientific research. We also clearly state that our religion encourages our members to consider the results of ethical scientific research