EMLC 2013 Calendar

The 2013 EMLC calendar is now available!  Our Calendar features members of our own local council representing the Tarot Majors!

You know you want one! Check with your favorite member of EMLC, find us at Pagan Pride Day or Grand Council if you’re CoGKin, or just use the handy Paypal button below to place an order securely for your very own!  Supplies are limited, so act now! Calendars are $15 and all proceeds go towards helping EMLC stay active in the local community, and also help us continue to donate to pagan causes like Ardentane and Cherry Hill Seminary.

Check out our preview pictures! Click each picture to see a larger version. First, we show off the back of the calendar, which hints at how great our EMLC members look as Major Arcana:

The Back of our Calendar! Click to enbiggen!

And for your viewing pleasure, we present Mr. January: The Magician!

January: The Magician. Click to see larger!

Get your calendar at Pagan Pride Day, Turning the Tides, or right here by using Paypal’s secure checkout:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This calendar does contain a small amount of Nudity (no offence, Coyote, on the “small amount!”). So it may not be safe for work in all locations. However, a festive fig-leaf sticker should resolve that issue 🙂