EMLC Donates to Ardantane, Issues LC Challenge

Ardantane Pagan Learning Center is a non-profit learning and retreat center for adults, located in northern New Mexico, in the high desert at the edge of the Jemez Mountains. They teach classes in six areas: Healing Arts, Magick and Witchcraft, Pagan Leadership, Pagan Spirituality, Sacred Living, and Shamanic Studies. Ten years ago they bought 25 acres of beautiful land surrounded by red rock mesas, for their campus; it looks a bit like Sedona. They have been building facilities ever since, as they can afford it: they have a large geodesic dome for classes and ceremonies, a staff residence, and three cottages for students to stay overnight.

Recently, they created the HARRE Potty Project: “HARRE” stands for Handicapped-AccessibleRestRoom, Eco-friendly. This project is to add a fairly spacious, free-standing restroom with two toilets, two sinks and a shower, and tie it into their water treatment system.  The goal was to raise $7000 towards this construction.

Although the fundraising deadline has passed, we here in Florida are sure that Fundraising for their HARRE Potty project should continue, if, of course, they were not too pooped to continue collecting!

As such, Kasha, the First Officer of EMLC, announced that Everglades Moon LC has decided to donate $500.00 to Ardantane for the HARRE Potty Project!

We also have “dropped the toilet brush” gauntlet – challenging all other CoG LC’s to look into their piggy banks and Twinkle for the Tinkle!