EMLC Podcast: Episode 2 – Ostara 2013

PodcastLogoWelcome to the Ostara episode of EMLC’s pagan podcast, Reaching for the Moon! You’ll find that this episode is a little longer than our last. We’re getting the hang of this whole podcast thing and have contributions from many members of our amazing Local Council. In this episode you’ll find:

  • Music: The Goddess Song, by Lady Bridget
  • An Introduction by Sirona
  • It’ll Grow On You – a new segment on herbs by Lord Riekin. He discusses what the heck to do with all those Elderberries that are popping up (though, does not answer if father smelt of them)
  • Pagan Parenting with Lady Bridget – how to decorate eggs with your kids and coveners
  • A Crafty Sabbat project by Alpandia – making Ostara Yarn Eggs.
  • Music: Call to Circle, by Lady Bridget
  • Lord Riekin Returns with information on Master Tonic
  • Dedication to Lady Nokomis Regina
  • Music: The Song of Mari, by Lady Bridget
  • Closing by Sirona
  • Music: Song by the Fire, by Lady Bridget

Wow! Quite the jam-packed episode!  If you’d like to order any of the music, you can do so right at Lady Bridget’s website.

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Blessed be!  We are EMLC, and We are CoG!