EMLC Podcast: Episode 3 – Beltane 2013

PodcastLogoWelcome to the Beltane episode of EMLC’s pagan podcast, Reaching for the Moon! We’ve got so many exciting things to share with you this go-round. The contributions from many members of our amazing Local Council continue to come in, and we continue to share them with you! In this episode you’ll find:

Lord Orion Foxwood, author of Candle at the Crossroads, the Tree of Enchantment, and The Faery Teachings
  • An Introduction by Sirona
  • A Heart-Felt Interview with Lord Orion Foxwood on his Conjure teachings and his new book, Candle and the Crossroads
  • A quick Beltane Haiku
  • A peek at what went on at the annual EMLC retreat, with a Beltane-appropriate Song in Progress *wink*
  • Sharing Our Traditions – Kasha, of Circle of the Moonlit Sea, shares a Beltane story from her tradition.
  • It’ll Grow On You – our herb segment by Lord Riekin. He discusses Vitex – which you might known as Chaste Tree or Monk’s Pepper – and how its uses may apply to the season of Beltane.
  • In the News – Sirona discusses the recent series of attacks on Pagan Author Kirja Withers
  • A Crafty Sabbat project by Alpandia – making your own Maypole.
  • Closing by Sirona
  • Music: Jump the Fire, by Lady Bridget

We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we liked putting it together. We were definitely wow’ed by how in-depth Lord Orion Foxwood went with regards to both his Conjure and Faery traditions, and how they grew. This is definitely information you won’t find in the typical interviews he does!

We also hope that you are as inspired as we have been to help resolve the horrible situation that surrounds Kyrja Withers at this time.  If you are looking for more information about it, we recently spoke with Kyrja and representatives of Lady Liberty League about what you can do to help.  You can find that in our article about Kyrja by clicking here.

And, as always, we’re super excited to share how rich the traditions that make up EMLC are with you. If you’d like your own copy of Lady Bridget’s music, head over to Lady Bridget’s website to place your order.

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Blessed be!  We are EMLC, and We are CoG!