EMLC Podcast: Episode 9 – Yule

PodcastLogoWelcome to the Yule episode of EMLC’s pagan podcast, Reaching for the Moon! The Goddess gives birth to the new Sun God. All of nature is quiet and contemplative. It’s as if the world drew in a breath and is waiting to exhale. Big thanks to everyone in Everglades Moon Local Council for contributing and sharing with us, and for helping us get our podcast back up and going. In this episode you’ll find:

  • An Introduction by Sirona
  • La Befana Alpandia treats us to a story about La Befana and Her origins
  • Music: Lord Coyote Morning star sings “Hark! The Panpipes!”, an original Yuletide song by Mike Goettee
  • Workshop: Aequitas provides an Astrology lesson on the Fixed Stars and how to capture their energies for magical use.
  • Music: Carolers from Turning the Tide 2014 sing “Moon of Silver
  • Pandie’s Pagan Projects: Alpandia teaches us how to make Galaxy Globes to decorate our Yule Trees
  • It’ll Grow On You: Lord Riekin teaches us about Mulling spices
  • Music: Lady Bridget sings “Yule in the Twilight”, from the album “Voices of the Goddess”. This album is available at LadyBridget.com

Aequitas has provided this in-depth hand-out as part of his workshop. Click this link to download and view the hand-out.  In addition, he references several sources for information regarding calculating planetary hours and days. These include:

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Blessed be! We are EMLC, and We are CoG!