EMLC Podcast: Submit Your Content!

We want YOU to be Heard!

PodcastLogoEverglades Moon is very proud of our podcast, Reaching for the Moon…  but do you know what would make it even better?

More From You!

Whether it’s a poem you’ve written, a project you’d like to share, teachings or lessons, or any other original content you have, we want to hear it! Anything from crafts to interviews, book reviews to magickal spells…We want original content – funny, newsworthy, etc. If it’s Sabbat specific or general information, we want it, too! Don’t worry if that Sabbat has already passed – we’ll save it for the appropriate podcast.

How to Submit Your Content

There’s many ways to submit your content. If you’ve got a way to record your voice, and a way to send it along, that’ll do!

Use Your Phone: Smartphones all have voice recorders. You can record your segment on your phone, then email it to our Podcast Coordinator for inclusion in our podcast.

Use a Voice Recorder: Do you have a handheld recorder? Then you already have everything you need to make an epic addition to our podcast! Record your segment, download it to your computer, then email it along.

Use a Mic and your Computer: Whether you have a hand-held microphone, a headset mic, a mic connected to your webcam, etc… you can make a recording! A great free program to use for your recording is Audacity. It will allow you to record your segment, save it, and send it along.

Tips for Podcast Submissions

  1. If you’re not using a headset mic, be sure to put the device near enough to the presenter (either you or someone you are working with) so that their voice will project towards it or over it. Speaking directly into the mic usually is too loud and distorts the sound.
  2. If you’re using a headset mic, have the microphone close enough to pick you up but far enough away to prevent those popping p’s aka “plosives”. Place the microphone slightly to the side (or above or below) your mouth so that your air is not projecting right into it.
  3. If there is a loud background noise, pause and wait a few seconds before continuing to speak. Loud noises can be edited out if there are a few isolated seconds of just that noise.
  4. If you are recording a workshop that uses lots of visual aids, give some description of those so that people listening later will still be able to make sense of what you are teaching without seeing the “picture” (as an aside – if you have these as a file, we can include them in our show notes!)
  5. If you later edit your audio file yourself, please do not add background music. If you want to add some, send it along as a separate file. This will ensure the sound quality stays consistent through the entire podcast.
  6. You CAN record on your phone! If your submission is too long to be sent, break it up into smaller files – under 8 minutes usually has no problem – and number them so they can be put back in the proper order.

When you submit your content, it’s easiest for our Podcast Coordinator to edit MP3 files. Please listen to your content to make sure it’s clear without any extra noise in the background. Background noise has made some submissions unusable, so be sure to preview your audio before submitting it.

We’re looking forward to getting your content and spotlighting you on our next Podcast! Happy Recording! Blessed be!