EMLC’ers Gather in the Land of Enchantment

Several members of Everglades Moon Local Council are actively participating in Grand Council, the annual meeting of Covenant of the Goddess.  This year held in New Mexico and hosted by Chamisa Local Council.

It’s at Grand Council that the members of CoG gather once a year to elect new officers, review what the Covenant has achieved for the past year, and work out any issues that might need to be resolved.  Every coven and Solitary must either themselves attend or send their proxy with another attendee.

Surrounding Grand Council is the Merry Meet celebration, which consists of rituals, workshops, lectures, and generally building community among our members.

Our EMLC members are proudly representing the 8 covens and 11 solitaries that make up our Local Council.  They are making sure that our sunny voices are heard in the national discourse.  They are also making new connections with other CoGKin and reconnecting with old friends.