Getting to Merry Meet 2018 – Directions and Transportation

We are so excited that you will be joining us for Merry Meet 2018! To make sure you arrive safely and in time to participate in everything you’d like to do, we’ve created this handy guide for you.

If you are Driving ….

Point your Magic Sky Compass (known to muggles as a GPS) here: Embassy Suites Ft. Lauderdale.

If you are arriving on wings and using Fort Lauderdale Airport…

The hotel has a concierge on property that offers airport transportation for $9.00 per person each way. Once guests have their luggage, they can call the concierge at 954-527-2700 and ask for the concierge, or call 954-648-4540.

The hotel shuttle service says that they are not fully-equipped to manage some mobility equipment like powerchairs.   The hotel recommends Wheelchair Taxi, a Yellow cab service, and their phone number is (954) 565-2800.  Broward County lists other resources at this link: 

The shuttle can accommodate passengers who need assistance climbing steps.  But, if you feel uncomfortable riding the shuttle, there are other services available including taxis, ride-share (Lyft, Uber).

If you are arriving on wings and using Miami International Airport

Miami has varied transportation choices. We advise that you review them on their web site

For Public Transportation:
Please look for Tri-Rail Information at the tab on that page.

For Taxicabs and Shuttles:

If you are arriving on boat or using fins…

Please follow disembarkation information here:

 For Other forms of Travel (teleportation, gates, brooms, space-folding, etc).
Please use this location:  26.099387, -80.131988.
It is a quiet and discrete area by the pool. 

Safe Travels!