Giving Greater Rite – Cherry Hill Seminary Winter Conference

Winter Conference a “Revelation”

Lunch BreakBride of the forest, the wild hunt, and lost gods of the witches – ritualist and storyteller Steven Posch held the attention of all attending this year’s CHS Winter Conference, Giving Greater Rite.  Comments from participants tell it the best:

“Steven led us to a deeper level with ritual, to the place where real transformation happens.”  – Holli Emore

“I particularly loved his Bride of the Forest Ritual.”  – Patrick McCollum

“My favorite experience was the overall fellowship I felt in the group and meeting everyone.”  – Angela Pearson

“He had some new revelations for me such as the old and new gods…We need our rituals.”  – Ryk Hall

Cherry Hill Seminary at PantheaCon

Many members of Cherry Hill Seminary attended PantheaCon this year, and continue to rave about how wonderful it was!  PantheaCon is one of the largest gatherings on the West Coast and includes a seemingly endless round of workshops, lectures, panels, rituals, and parties.  Members of our faculty and Board of Directors presented as well as attended and shared some amazing experiences.  Here’s what some of them had to say:

“The best thing about the ritual was that it was packed and the energy was good…standard time and space were pushed aside.”  – Ryk Hall

“I brought my new assistant who is Catholic with me and it was her first time meeting Pagans.  At the end of her first night, she was wearing pentacle earrings and commented that she felt like she was home.  Enough said!”  – Patrick McCollum

“My favorite memory was the two young people who came up to ask me what denomination CHS was….and were ecstatic when I replied ‘pan-Pagan’.”  – Maggie Beaumont

“My favorite experience was sitting in my room with William, Tony and Jo Miezerwicki,Valerie, Macha, Christine Patrick McCollum, and other friends laughing, relaxing, and talking.”  – Angela Pearson

“As always at PantheaCon, I am approached by person after person who has a convention ribbon to add to my badge…Every single person who asked about the Cherry Hill Seminary ribbon also had kind and encouraging words about the work of Cherry Hill Seminary.  That kind of response is very heartening indeed.”  – Ivo Dominguez

“Sam Webster’s visionary reframing of paganism in the history–and future–of Western intellectual culture (during “Pagans and the Commonweal”) was for me one of the highest.”  – Steven Posch

“When asked ‘How do we, as pagan clergy, get trained to work with our parishioners who are having emotional problems?’ George Hersh said ‘Cherry Hill Seminary.’  I was overjoyed.”  – Valerie Cole and Holli Emore

Cherry Hill was seen in a positive light and made a wonderful mark in the pagan community at PantheaCon.  Thank you to all who represented CHS at this major annual event!

Questions, or for more information, contact Cherry Hill Seminary or go to the Winter Conference page.