In Gods and Godesses We Trust

In Gods and Goddesses We Trust

There have been a plethora of articles looking back at 9/11 and it’s deep impact upon us. For most us, Pagans included, it evoked a strong desire to set aside the small stuff, to connect with our families and communities, and to make sense of our experiences of loss, shock, loyalty, and patriotism. Some of us Pagans experienced an extra sense of fear or uncertainty, too. As a minority religion, the waves of condemnation and fear of Islam and the Muslims around us had their own influence, driving some of us to come out, and others to hide deeper within the arms of the Gods. Our experience of the Wheel of the Year, though, of the lessons of the earth, the sky, the underworld, and the heavens have all been a part of it, too.

When 9/11 took place, all this was mixed up with a growing sense of my role in the Pagan community. I was finding a sense of my priesthood and what type of leadership roles I might explore. At the time, I was the National Publications Officer for the Covenant of the Goddess, and I contemplated what could possibly be said to our community when nothing could really encompass the magnitude or diversity of our experiences and our connection to the community at large. The image that came is one that had been evocative for me for years, of a Goddess displayed in motion, walking forward, with an armful of bounty and and a hand outstretched toward the rising sun. An image that could speak silently to our community as powerfully as it speaks to our nation. For us, in Gods and Goddesses we trust. We place ourselves in their arms and let them bear us when we cannot, and to help us see the way forward, even when the path isn’t clear. The next newsletter cover bore the image of the Walking Liberty half dollar, a symbol of hope, of a path forward, and of our dedication to our nation. She’s helped us find the path forward since, and, instead of looking back today, I’ve spent the day planning a harvest ritual. I’m continuing to look forward to what we can create, to take a step at a time until the path is revealed, and to the bounty and opportunity of our lives. While we will never forget 9/11 or its impact on our lives, the mystery of its meaning lies in looking ahead to what we can create and share, how we can support those that came to the forefront of our hearts that day: our families, friends, coveners, neighbors, and nation.

As First Officer of Everglades Moon Local Council, I look forward to where our community is going. It’s full of folks ready to bring an armful of what we have and offer an outstreched hand to the world, and its a world that needs us and our efforts. As this anniversary of 9/11 turns to a close, what step will you take next, with the trust of of the Gods and Goddesses?

Many Blessings,


Walking Liberty - In Gods and Goddesses We Trust