Merry Meet 2018 Rituals

Merry Meet is punctuated by ritual, as we are in the service of Coventina, and at the potential mercy of the Ocean Spirits for a wonderful weekend together. With that in mind, the following rites and rituals are being coordinated by our Ritual Committee for your enjoyment and participation through the weekend. If you have any potential accessibility issues, please let us know asap! We will do our best to ensure everyone can participate to the extent they are able. All rituals will be taking place inside the wonderful air conditioned rooms of the hotel.

Opening Ritual

Join us as we welcome the Covenant of the Goddess family to South Florida! We will invoke our matron, Coventina, to watch over Grand Council. We will also introduce the Covenant Ancestor Altar. We invite you to bring a photo to represent a member of our CoG family who has passed. Come as you are – ritual robes are not required.

Main Ritual

For Saturday Evening, we will call upon the powers of the Ocean Mother of us All to protect those at risk, to ensure all have shelter, and to banish hunger. One quarter of the children of Florida live in poverty. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have sought shelter in Florida over the past year due to hurricanes and political violence. As Witches, we are committed to justice and safety for all. Our Gods protect the vulnerable and hungry, and we listen to Their call. We will join our voices in a call to the Spirits, Orisha, and Gods of the Sea to protect, comfort, and feed our communities, neighbors, and families. Come in your best ritual finery, and please bring a non-perishable food donation to be donated to a local food bank (options will be available on site for our out-of-town CoGKin)

Closing Ritual

With thanks to Coventina for the continued health of our Covenant, we say our farewells until our paths cross again. Come as you are – ritual robes are not required.