Merry Meet 2018 Vendors

Our list of vendors is below! Our vendor room is open to everyone who comes down to the hotel – no registration is required. If you wish to take part in our workshops and evening entertainment, you can pre-pay for your day pass by clicking here.

Rabbit Hole Shoppe

Hand-blown made in the USA Witch’s Balls, glass fusion tiles, and other bobbles such as glass raindrops, glass prisms

Dreamcatcher’s Den

Dreamcatchers, soaps, jewelry, wall hangings and readings

Lourde’s Alchemy

Pagan goods, gift shop type items and dance wear tribal clothing
Tarot readings.

Love & Light Spiritual Emporium

Crystals, Incense, Candles, Cauldrons, Athames, Tapestries, Jewelry, Altar Cloths, Dreamcatchers, Reiki

Witch Way To Heal

Magical Soap, candles, crystals, aura photos, reiki

Fiber Magick

I have written a book entitled fibermagickcom that explains the spirituality of my crafting. It is a book of shadows to be used as a magical path based on Crafting. I also crochet various items and my husband makes drums.


Amber K and Azrael’s books, wands with pouches, Hekate keys and earrings, patches

Spidersong Flutes

I handcraft my flutes in a variety of materials synthetic ,bone,horn, woods poplar,pecan, mahogany,maple and walnut to name a few. The wood is mostly reclaimed and all were something else coffee tables, dressers, tree branches and pianos. I also carry a selection of white sage, tapestries,water and slide whistles,singing bowls and traveling didgeridoos.

The Broomsquire of Dewy Rose

handmade besoms & brooms

Mama Gina – Pick up copies of your favorite Mama Gina and Nine Toes the Bard songs on CD!

Góðan Daginn

I make wands, knives, wands, axes, wands, boxes, wands, write books about wands, wands, fiction, wands, magical steampunk, wands; do you get the idea I sell wands?
Everglades Moon Local Council logo
Everglades Moon Local Council

All sorts of cool witchy stuff
Natalia Simone – Handpoured soy candles, hand crafted wax art, homemade body butters

Twisted Thistle Farm – We make and sell our own cold process soaps. We also have soap accessories such as washcloths and soap dishes.

Wyllde Woman Creations – Spirit Dolls, Fairy Houses and Doors, Treasure Boxes and Mosaics- all hand crafted