Merry Meet 2018 Workshops

Merry Meet offers a variety of workshops presented by members of both our CoG family as well as individuals who are friends of EMLC. This page lists all the currently confirmed workshops that will be offered! We will continue to add more workshops as we get closer to the event. A final schedule of workshops will be given out at check-in on site. You can download a copy of our current schedule (and entire registration packet) using this link --CLICK HERE--.

Be sure to REGISTER TODAY so that you can enjoy all these workshops! Your registration grants you access to all workshops, that evening's entertainment, our vendor room, and Grand Council space. You can register for any one day, some portion of the event, or our whole Merry Meet!

Friday, 9:30am - Tarot Spreads for Groups
Your Tarot cards are the perfect medium for reading for groups - be they magical or mundane. We'll discuss creating group spreads on the fly, and Gina will share some of her favorite techniques. There will be a group reading at the end of this workshop - please join us and share in the fun! Mama Gina Mama Gina tours the US sharing her original music and her love for Tarot and Kaballah, and she is the author of Tarot Spreads, Threads and Mandalas.
Friday, 11:00am - If You Can’t Sing Pretty, Sing Loud!
Feeling less than able when singing chants or songs during ritual? Come to this fun and fabulous group voice lesson! Don’t worry, you will not have to sing solo but you will be shown some basic singing techniques by of the BEST voice teachers in Florida. Her students are on Broadway, at major opera companies, including the Metropolitan, and they perform all over the world. One of her long-time students, Joshua Henry, is a three-time Tony nominee currently playing Billie Bigelow in Carousel on Broadway. The Baroness Vladka von Loudenstimme (a/k/a Birgit Fioravante) “My goal is always to lay a solid foundation on which to build an individual, expressive technique that will serve the performer for many years. I have helped many singers overcome vocal difficulties, building stamina, range, natural expression, beauty and power into the voice. I am currently teaching in Fort Lauderdale and Manhattan. On a personal note – I have been performing longer than I like to admit. I am happy to say, my voice still serves me well.”
Friday, 1:30pm - Love Magic
What could be more interesting than learning more about love and sex? Or discussing the correspondences, as well as the ethics, of love magic? Five basic types of love spells will be covered: bringing in a relationship, protecting a relationship, self-love and beauty ritual, ending a relationship, and an emotional healing ritual. Christopher Johnson Christopher Johnson has been involved with magic and spellcrafting since training with a hereditary witch family at age 14. He has working knowledge of various magical traditions and has studied various healing modalities. He also facilitates workshops in spellcrafting and magical techniques. He is the owner of the online business Witch Way To Heal, as well as a co-owner of Love & Light Spiritual Emporium located in Oakland Park FL, utilizing his knowledge and training to assist the community in their spiritual practices. Let his 20 plus years of practice help guide you on your journey.
Friday, 3:00pm - You can play the Native American Flute!
This flute workshop is for everyone, whether new to the art or just interested. It will cover the basics of playing a Native American flute including scales fingering and special techniques. You will also learn how to purchase and care for your instrument as well as a bit of history. There will be flutes for use doing the workshop. Spider Thomas Spider was introduced to fluting by a good friend in the fall of 2005. By 2007 he was making his own flutes. Today Spider tries to make a flute that is pleasing to both the ear and the eye. He works in a variety of woods, mostly reclaimed from coffee tables, dressers, dining room table legs, tree branches and pianos. He also works with bone and horns to make flutes.
Friday, 7:00pm - The Golden Pentacle
Poverty consciousness, begone! Embrace prosperity awareness! You may have encountered the magickal techniques called the Iron Pentacle and the Pearl Pentacle, but now a new system has joined them: the Golden Pentacle. This is a path to prosperity, change, and wellness created by Azrael Arynn K and Amber K as the fruit of a long study of magical paths to abundance and financial abundance. It is based in part on the work of many abundance authors, as well as Amber and Azrael’s own experience in confronting and overcoming financial challenges. Azrael Arynn K and Amber K Azrael Arynn K is a third-degree Wiccan Priestess and High Priest of the Coven of Our Lady of the Woods, and has also held offices in the Covenant of the Goddess. She resides in New Mexico, where she is both Facilities Director and Dean of the School of Sacred Living at Ardantane Pagan Learning Center.
Amber K is a third-degree priestess of the Wiccan faith. Her books on magick and the Craft have been widely circulated in the United States and Europe, and for nearly 25 years she has traveled across the U.S. teaching the Craft. She has served as National First Officer of the Covenant of the Goddess for three terms. She is a founder of Our Lady of the Woods and the Ladywood Tradition of Wicca, and currently is Executive Director of Ardantane, a Wiccan/Pagan seminary is northern New Mexico.
Saturday, 9:30am - Fiber Magick
Fiber Magick is the art of imbuing handmade items with healing energies. This workshop is an introduction to the practice using chanting, poetry, and meditations. Participants will be creating a chakra bracelet that they can take with them. Signed copies of my book Fiber Magick, will be available for sale. Opal Luna “The Goddess has been with me all my life though I have not always recognized her as such. As a child, a black cat would play with me for hours. I have always appreciated my alone time. As an adolescent, an owl was a constant. Drawn on my notebooks, embroidered on my jeans and I found comfort there. As a young adult, I grew to appreciate the spider as my spirit guide and I have crocheted webs of fantasy. Today, as a crone, I am visited by all three and I am never alone." ~ Opal Luna
Saturday, 11:00am - The Magic of Bees
While all creatures have magical aspects, certain members of the animal kingdom seem to be particularly magical and bees definitely fall into that category! In this class you will learn (from real beekeepers!) how bees are taken care of and how they make honey. You will also learn how important bees are to all of us (particularly if you like to eat), and the many ways their very special energies and symbolism can be used in magic. Witch & Famous Coven Lady Bridget and Lord Riekin are the HPS and HP of the Witch and Famous Coven and have both been teaching Wicca, Magic, mead making, and other Crafty topics since the early 1990's. They have both been beekeepers for the past three years, and have "hived" several other successful beekeepers in their community as well. Lady Bridget is currently the local council membership officer for Everglades Moon, and has been active in CoG for several decades. Lord Riekin has a degree in Forestry and works in the government sector protecting trees and landscape from abuse. Cat (Lady Arianhwen) is a member of Witch & Famous Coven who just happens to love bees, honey, magic and teaching stuff!
Saturday, 1:30pm - Potions Workshop
Find out the difference between a potion, an elixir, or a tincture as well as what kind of equipment is needed to make infusions such as fluid condensers. Learn how to find, harvest or purchase ingredients and their correct preparation. We will also talk about assembling the correct ingredients based on your intent. We will be making two potions: a group potion for banishing negative energy and one individual potion for personal intent. Ash the Silent Ash has been active in the South Florida Pagan community for decades, principally as a High Priestess for the Moonpath Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. She also is a High Priestess Emeritas of the Temple of Ahel Adom, a Goddess-centered organization for women. She currently is on the Board of the Moonpath Circle, an organization of the Elders of the Pagan community in South Florida. Her primary Craftwork follows a Druidic path – and she is known in the community as a gifted Rune Mistress and for her Potions.
Saturday, 3:30pm - Hekate Devotional Ritual
Temple at the Crossroads will be offering a devotional ritual to Hekate along with a guided meditation. Temple at the Crossroads Temple at the Crossroads is a South Florida devotional group focusing on developing a working relationship with the goddess Hekate. Members hail from various Witch, Pagan and Polytheist paths. We honor one another’s individual and personal relationship with Hekate while celebrating Her together.