Our Philanthropic Update

Everglades Moon Puts our Money where Our Hearts Are through Donations

Everglades Moon Local Council does more than just serve as a way for the witches and pagans of Florida to connect and grow. Our members decided that we would use some of our council funds to make donations to charities around Florida. To make the most impact, charities were selected in North, South, East, and West Florida. We have been busy making people happy, making life a little easier for someone, and making friends.

Here’s where we’re upholding those who are doing great work:

Make donations to The Children's Hunger Project of Brevard County

If you follow our Facebook page, you know that EMLC members have been very involved with The Children’s Hunger Project. This organization provides food assistance to children in Brevard County in a dignified and respectful manner. Every Friday, The Children’s Hunger Project sends elementary school children home with a backpack full of food. Their plan is simple: See a hungry kid. Buy food. Feed the kid.

Everglades Moon Local Council is proud to be among the Churches and Hebrew Schools who help The Children’s Hunger Project continue to feed the children of Brevard County. In fact, when they reached out to thank us for their donation, they said they were thrilled to have a Wiccan group among their supporters!

If you are local to the Cocoa area, they are always looking for volunteers. You can also head to their site to make your own donation to help them continue to keep Brevard children fed and healthy.

Make donations to Gadsden County Human Society

We all love our pets, and so donating to a Humane Society seemed like a no brainer. Our members suggested Gadsden County Humane Society to receive a donation from us. GCHS has no source of funding other than donations. Their group consists entirely of volunteers. In fact, they don’t even have an actual facility: all animals are fostered until they can find them a home. GCHS spays and neuters the animal, and supplies all the food and health care for them until they are fostered.

Visiting their Facebook page gives you a sense of the number of animals they save and support each year. When we reached out regarding where to send our donation, they were incredibly happy to receive our assistance. If you’re looking for a Humane Society to donate to, their donation page makes it quick and simple to donate via PayPal.

Make donations to The Wild Hunt

If you are a Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, or just friends with one, chances are good you’ve seen a post or two from The Wild Hunt. The Wild Hunt is a daily news journal that covers news and events relating to modern Paganism, Heathenry, Polytheism, and other minority religions.

(Full Disclosure: Members of EMLC are active contributors to The Wild Hunt)

The Wild Hunt is completely community funded. Their campaign drives help cover their administration and hosting costs. With those concerns out of the way, they are able to dedicate the time and resources necessary to providing some of the best coverage of current events you’ll find.

Everglades Moon is proud to be among the Fall Funders of The Wild Hunt! If you’re looking to make your own donation to them, you’ll find the details in their FAQ.



We are so proud of our West Coast Florida pagans who selected the Cardiac Kids Foundation of Florida to be the final recipient of donations from EMLC this year. This organization provides assistance to families and their children with heart disease. In addition, they fund medical research, education, and charitable health care for children with heart disease through local charitable initiatives and life saving mission trips.

Not only do they lend their experience in connecting hospitals with nurses, doctors, and staff to help with heart procedures, but they also provide financial help and assistance to families who cannot afford prescription medications post-surgery.

Our own Dona Pantera has participated in their annual Jamaican Mission Trip, when doctors and nurses from the US fly to Jamaica and perform life-saving surgeries on the littlest of hearts.

There are many ways that you can donate to help children born with congenital heart disease. Head over to their Donation Page to help!