COVID-19 Resources for Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches

Everglades Moon LC would like to share with you resources we have found useful for dealing with the coronavirus known as COVID-19 currently impacting the United States and our larger global community. If you know of a resource we have not listed, please leave it in the comments below. Making Masks Both N95 and cotton face masks are in short supply in many areas of the country. We have found these links useful in learning how to construct both of Read More

Reaching for the Moon Episode 57: Yule

Come celebrate the dawning of the sun king’s bright rebirth, and give a listen to Episode 57 of Reaching for the Moon! This sabbat, we’re interviewing Marilyn from Crow Women (proud CoG Kin through Chamisa LC). Alpandia teaches us how to make magical ornaments. Plus great music from Crow Women and Emerald Rose. Click through for the latest episode! — Read More

Turning the Tide 2019 Workshops

Turning the Tide 2019: Workshops! Workshop List – Click to Jump to the Workshop’s Description Entry to each of these workshops is INCLUDED with your registration to Turning the Tide 2018. Interested in presenting a workshop? Complete this form to apply! Want to join us? Click here for the registration form! Faery Seer Breath with the FL Branch of HoB Midnight Hekate Devotional Astrology Basics – The Goddess Astroids & You Pranayma The (Very) Basics of Singing Well Basics of Read More

Turning the Tide Workshop Application

Be part of Turning the Tide! Complete the form below to submit your workshop, meditation, or ritual suggestion for inclusion in this year’s celebration. Our workshop coordinator will be in touch regarding your status, time, and location. There are several locations in the park that we use for workshops: Great Hall, Patio, Fire Circle, and River Bank. Your subject matter will determine which area will be assigned to your workshop. Note: you will still need to register to be part Read More