Path to Membership

Thank you for your interest in membership in Everglades Moon Local Council (EMLC).

EMLC is part of Covenant of the Goddess, a national organization of Wiccans and Witches. Whether you’re part of a coven or a solitary practitioner, there’s a place for you.

EMLC’ers are very involved in our community. Our members criss-cross Florida: from Tallahassee to Tampa, Brevard to Broward, and all spaces in between.

 And we’d like to add you to our amazing Cauldron! 

We invite you to come get to know us, and see if membership in EMLC is for you. We hold meetings typically every 6 weeks or so, each hosted by a different member, usually in their house. That means that there’s a good chance a meeting is happening soon by you.

Becoming a Member of Everglades Moon Local Council

Our Path to Membership is very easy. It’s a 5-step process, and our Membership Officer (and the rest of our LC) will help you along the way!

Attend at least one meeting in person
to get to know us

A one-page application identifying who is applying.

Tell us about you/your coven, your practice, and basics of belief.

Two letters about how you’ll be a great
addition to EMLC.

Tithes help the Covenant continue to do great work.

Meeting Us

We ask that you attend at least one meeting in person, and at least one other meeting or event before applying for membership. This lets you get to know us, us get to know you, and you see if we’re a good fit for you. Our meetings take place in the homes of our members all across Florida, so you’ll probably find one soon by you! We do also use Skype, Zoom, and other tech to allow you to attend via the internet.

EMLC members also attend festivals and events all over Florida. We attend most Pagan Pride Days, Drum Circles, Florida Festivals, and even host our own – Turning the Tide, which happens each December in Miami. Let us know you’ll be there and we’ll be sure to say hi! You can even feel free to invite EMLC members to visit your Sabbat or Esbat celebration! This is a great way for everyone to get to know each other.

Your Application

The Application Form is simple and straightforward. The information you provide is confidential. If you, or members of your coven, are eligible for Ministerial and/or Elder credentials, be sure to check those spaces on the form.

Statement of Practice

Don’t worry – this is much easier than you think! This is a short, simple explanation of who you are, what you believe, and the like.  This should describe in general terms who you worship, how you celebrate, how often you meet, how long you have been active in the Craft, what tradition (if any) you follow, your relationship to the Wiccan Rede, and other information that lets other members of the Covenant understand your practice of our religion. You must pledge to abide by COG‘s Ethics, Charter, Bylaws and policies, and you must state that you are Wiccan or a Witch. Consider it your way to introduce yourself to those members of The Covenant you haven’t gotten to met yet.

Want examples? We’ve got you covered. Click the images below to see examples of Coven and Solitary Statements of Practice.

Letters of Recommendation

This isn’t about elitism. We really do want YOU to be a member! Since CoG issues Ministerial Credentials that are recognized as valid nationwide, and those with credentials are seen as representatives of CoG, it’s important that we know who’s applying for membership. These letters let our membership know the information you’ve provided is reliable and verifiable. Plus, we love to talk great about our friends. These letters also let us know that the person writing them feels you understand how CoG works and will be a wonderful addition to our consensus-driven Covenant.

Donating the Tithe

CoG does have a membership tithe as part of the application. This pays for the processing of your application, the printing of credentials, things like that. The money also helps CoG with other general expenses, such as our wonderful Interfaith Activity, Education, and more.

Please don’t let the tithe stop you from joining! If it seems a bit much, speak with our Membership Officer. We don’t want money to prevent you from joining.

And That’s It!

Once everything is submitted, EMLC members will review your application. If it’s approved, it goes to the National Membership Officer, who will publish your statement of practice and the letters you received to our National Newsletter. After publishing without objection, you’ll be sent your Welcome packet from CoG.

Ready to get Started??

Awesome! We can’t wait to meet you! Fill out the form below and we’ll keep you in the loop about upcoming meetings and locations. Plus we’ll do our best to put you in touch with an EMLC member close to you geographically so you can start the “get to know us” process.