Reaching for the Moon Podcast: Episode 17 – Yule 2015

Reaching for the Moon Podcast

Welcome to the 17th episode of Reaching for the Moon, the podcast brought to you by the Witches and Pagans of Everglades Moon Local Council. The Wheel continues to turn and we find ourselves at Yule! It’s our last podcast of 2015!


Within our Yule 2015 podcast, you will find:

  • The Interview: Lady Bridget interviews Cossette about relocating from Miami, FL to Australia, and the differences she has found
  • FooDoo with Qabal: Revealing the secret techniques and mystery behind making successful Madeleines.
  • Nice Witch with Shaylee: on how to use Common Sense to survive the Holidays
  • Music: “Santa Claus is Pagan, Too” by Emerald Rose from their album “Rants and Rambles
  • It’ll Grow On You: Join Lord Riekin as we continue through medicinal uses for Kitchen Spices! This episode we look at herbs starting with the letters M, N, and O
  • Pandie’s Pagan Projects: cleverly incorporate spellworking into your holiday tree decorations
  • Music: “Old Ways” by Mama Gina from her album “Solitarie“.


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You may have noticed that we’ve got some really nice music between our segments now. This great music was supplied by JewelBeat. Download your free music and free sound effects at

Blessed be! We are EMLC, and We are CoG!

Listen right at this page using the player below:

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