Reaching for the Moon Episode 38: Yule 2017

Reaching for the Moon Podcast

Welcome to the 38th episode of Reaching for the Moon, the podcast brought to you by the Witches and Pagans of Everglades Moon Local Council. The Wheel continues to turn and we find ourselves at Yule! Baby it’s cold outside – though, not so much here in FL. Why not sit back with a mug of your favorite yuletide beverage and spend some time with us Sand Witches?


Within our Yule, 2017 podcast, you will find:

  • Music: “Sing for the Mead” by Crow Women, from their album, “Crow Magic
  • Wheel of the Year: Yule Tree Symbolism by Lady Bridget
  • Sea Spells by the Seashore: Making Witch Bottles with Coyote Morningstar
  • Music: “Worthy” by Mama Gina, from her album, “I Remember Love
  • Beloved Dead: Beloved Dead at Yule by Rayna
  • Get to know EMLC!: Alpandia interviews Coyote Morningstar at the Morganic Tradition
  • Music: “Round the World for Sport” by Emerald Rose, from their album, “Celtic Crescent


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Blessed be! We are EMLC, and We are CoG!

Listen right at this page using the player below:

4 thoughts on “Reaching for the Moon Episode 38: Yule 2017

  1. Lee Ann Atencio says:

    Trying to do a little research on Morganic Tradition. Not coming up with resources. Can you suggest resources? Thank you

    • Lord Gwydion says:

      Greetings, and Merry meet.
      I am Lord Gwydion, Elder and Founder Of The Morganic Wicca tradition.
      You will not find any resources on this tradition, as the name was created by our Coven members because we felt it best described the major mythic themes of our tradition, philosophy, rites, and practices.
      While we drew from many influences, this tradition is our own. It is a living path passed on by practice and experience, and there is no published work on the subject available.
      We are, however, happy to answer questions and share whatever knowledge or experience we have about our ways and beliefs.

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