Reaching for the Moon Episode 40: BONUS EPISODE!

Reaching for the Moon Podcast

Welcome to the 40th episode of Reaching for the Moon, the podcast brought to you by the Witches and Pagans of Everglades Moon Local Council. We are excited to bring you another of our BONUS EPISODES!.


In this episode, we feature a workshp recorded at Equinox in the Oaks 2017. This workshop is entitled “Love of the Gods: Sex and Possession“, and was presented by Kirk White. As a former Co-First-Officer of CoG, we all know and love Kirk! If you have not picked up his book, “Masterful Magick: A Guide for Advanced Wiccan Practice”, we encourage you to click here to pick it up on Amazon today!

The workshop description is as follows:
This is a class about “out of this world” sex!! Literally out of this world. We’ll be talking about: 1) sex/ sensuality as a ritual technique; 2) divine possession work – its terms, definitions, models and methods; and 3) what happens when you combine the two. The result can indeed be a “great” rite.

The workshop was recorded outdoors, and we’ve done our best to suppress noises. We do hope you enjoy the workshop!

This episode also includes two great songs by Crow Women: “Chalice to Blade” and “Born of the Elements Medley”. These come off their album, “Crow Goddess” available at CDBaby.


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Blessed be! We are EMLC, and We are CoG!

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