Reaching for the Moon Podcast: Episode 22 – BONUS EPISODE!

Reaching for the Moon Podcast

With Beltane behind us and Litha not yet here, we thought the time was perfect for another Bonus Episode! In this episode we feature a workshop which was recorded at Equinox in the Oaks 2016, presented by Canu which is all about Herne. If you’ve ever thought about working with this God of the Wild Hunt, you’ll want to give this workshop a listen. Also in this episode is a collection of songs by Emerald Rose including “Castle of Arianrhod”, “Johnnie Cope”, and “Lucky Man”. These are all from their album Bending Tradition. Follow this link to add Bending Tradition to your pagan music collection, and check out the other albums by Emerald Rose. They’re the Bee’s Knees!



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Blessed be! We are EMLC, and We are CoG!

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2 thoughts on “Reaching for the Moon Podcast: Episode 22 – BONUS EPISODE!

  1. Ruth Rudin says:

    I just loved this podcast. There were elements to Herne that I had never heard before. I have followed Herne since Grandfathers passing where I had a close encounter. I enjoyed learning something new. Thank you!

    • Alpandia says:

      Thank you, Ruth! We are sorry to hear that your Grandfather has passed, but happy to hear that our podcast was able to give you new insights into Herne.

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