Reflections on Merry Meet

EMLC’s own Cat Perron, who will be serving the Covenant as National Membership Officer on the National Board from 2014-2015, provides us with her reflections on this year’s Merry Meet and Grand Council.  This year’s Merry Meet was held in Atlanta, GA, and our gracious hosts Dogwood Local Council, did an amazing job!

My first Merry Meet was fabulous!  Particularly because I had one of my BFFs, Deborah, with me.

Where do I start?

On Thursday, The Leadership Institute was not only informative, with various people in leadership roles from different faiths, it was in a gorgeous setting:  the Chattahoochee Nature Center.  We had a lovely walk through the wooded areas surrounded by trees and wildlife on our way to the meeting.  All the people involved do really wonderful work on behalf of their paths AND interfaith issues.

Friday had some wonderful workshops:  the medicinal uses of mushrooms (amazing!), Shamanic Trance Work (my favorite—I met a dolphin!), and Sacred Dance (fun!), to name a few.  Plus I was glad to get more information on the Faerie Seership in Canu’s informative class.  The food was very good as well, particularly some of the desserts (the pecan pie came in HUGE pieces!).  I also attended part of the Grand Council meetings, particularly since I was up for NMO.  When I went up to talk/answer questions there was much friendly jesting, like “Are you SURE you want to do this?” etc. and since I was unopposed, I got stuck . . . I mean, I have the privilege of being the next CoG NMO.

I also got to hear all about the NEXT Merry Meet!  Selena Fox was wonderful as the keynote speaker at Friday night’s dinner, she speaks so clearly and succinctly and has such positive energy as well.  And did I spend more money than I had intended with the vendors?  Of course I did!  I think it is a tradition.  I got a couple of lovely wish balls, a gorgeous poppet, a beautiful ebony wand (and got to meet the engaging and adorable Gypsy Teague!) plus some toiletries from our own Christina Wilson.  Oh, and I got a copy of “How to Become a Witch” by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K signed by both of them!

Finally, the masquerade part was a blast!  Although we were told it was masks only, most people came with the most interesting and creative costumes:  a little steampunk, a little Game of Thrones with some beautiful masks, too.  Canu looked particularly handsome in his suit and top hat with a black swirly mask and Sirona was lovely with rhinestones in her hair and a beautifully done makeup job—she just “painted” her mask on her face.  There was lots of laughing, group dancing and singing along with the music.  Yes, a good time WAS had by all, but particularly—me!