Our Philanthropic Update

Everglades Moon Puts our Money where Our Hearts Are through Donations Everglades Moon Local Council does more than just serve as a way for the witches and pagans of Florida to connect and grow. Our members decided that we would use some of our council funds to make donations to charities around Florida. To make the most impact, charities were selected in North, South, East, and West Florida. We have been busy making people happy, making life a little easier >> Read More

Covenant of the Goddess Releases Statement on Recent Violent Events and Racial Inequality

Covenant of the  Goddess released a statement about recent violent events and racial inequality. We, the members of the Covenant, acknowledge and share the concern that many in our world and within our Pagan communities have voiced regarding inequalities in justice. We find that all life is sacred, and as such, all lives matter. Today, we the members of the Covenant especially stand together with the people who are not privileged by race and class and say to you: Your >> Read More

More Memories of Merry Meet

This week we have another EMLC member sharing her memories of the most recent Grand Council/Merry Meet in Atlanta. Lady Bridget Sidhe-Lyric, HPS of Witch and Famous, and our outgoing National Membership Officer, shares her experiences at Merry Meet below. This year’s annual meeting of Covenant of the Goddess (called Merry Meet for the festival side and Grand Council for the business meeting) took place in Atlanta, GA at the Crown Ravinia Hotel from Aug. 21-24. As usual, events started >> Read More

Covenant of the Goddess Votes In New Board

Each year, Covenant of the Goddess holds its annual meeting. At Grand Council, decisions are made that impact the whole of the Covenant.  During this consensus-based meeting, offers are elected.  We’re so pleased to welcome in the new board, who will take the reigns at Samhain, 2014.  May Coventina guide you as you do the work of the Covenant! And here’s who’s who: First Officer: Kathy Lezon (Everglades Moon LC) Second Officer: Zenah Smith and Stachia Ravensdottir (Touchstone LC) Public >> Read More

Covenant of the Goddess establishes an educational Abuse Advisory Committee

NEWS OUT OF GRAND COUNCIL: During Grand Council, 2014, Covenant of the Goddess established an Abuse Advisory Committee to “advise, educate, and support the Covenant on issues of physical and sexual violence.” The new committee will consist of members who have professional expertise and training in this field. The primary duties of the committee “include the provision of education to COG members on issues of abuse, consultation to the National Board when needed, and consultation to COG coven and solitary >> Read More

CoG News: New Board and Successful Grand Council

The 2013 Covenant of the Goddess Grand Council in Salem, MA has now come and gone.  Many EMLC’ers were able to make it up for the event and represent the great state of Florida (and the great Witches and Wiccans who call it home)! For those who do not know, Grand Council is when the members of Covenant of the Goddess get together to do the Covenant’s work. It’s when budgets are decided upon, bylaws are reviewed, proposals are made, >> Read More

EMLC Podcast: Episode 5 – Lammas

Welcome to the Lammas (or Lughnassadh) episode of EMLC’s pagan podcast, Reaching for the Moon! We’ve got so many exciting things to share with you this go-round. It’s a veritable cornucopia of information and contributions!! As our Local Council continues to share with us, we continue to share them with you! In this episode you’ll find: An Introduction by Sirona SAVE THE DATE! Turning the Tide 2013 will be Dec 6-Dec 8! Music: Live music by Mama Gina from the Summer >> Read More

The Covenant of the Goddess Continues to Support the Council for a Parliament of the World Religions

A recent posting on the Covenant of the Goddess NPIO website reaffirming CoG’s long-time support for the Global Interfaith Council for a Parliament of World Religions.  You can read the report in it’s entirety at the NPIO Blog.  It says, in part: The Parliament is at a critical point.  The Covenant of the Goddess is happy to be able to continue its support for the organization in a time of financial need,” says Ginger Wood, First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess. >> Read More

Covenant of the Goddess on Marriage Equality

For Immediate Release DATE OF RELEASE: March 27, 2013 CONTACT:  Heather Greene, National Public Information Officer WEBSITE:  www.cog.org The Covenant of the Goddess, a Wiccan advocacy organization, responds to the recent cases presented before the Supreme Court on the topic of Marriage Equality. The Covenant of the Goddess extends its support to the entire LGBT community in its struggle for marriage equality within our country. We respect the diversity of religious thought even when it’s divergent from our own. As such, we support >> Read More

Will 2013 be the Year of the Witch?

Witches and Wicca have certainly been in the news a lot during these first few months of 2013.  Will 2013 see more stories of tolerance (and, unfortunately, intolerance) of Wiccan and Pagan religions?  Only time will tell.  But if the rest of the year follows suit with the activity of 2013, this might very well be the Year of the Witch! You could say that some of this started last year.  Back in December, the current Grand Master of the >> Read More