Florida Pagan Gathering Beltane 2012

A bunch of EMLC members made their way up to the Florida Pagan Gatheringfor Beltane 2012 over the past weekend, and we had a fabulous time.  The “supermoon” was shining on us all weekend, and the festival was hot (in a few different ways).

EMLC got everyone’s blood flowing by hosting a “meet and greet” on Thursday evening in the largest hall, called Valhalla.  The theme was “Meet and Greet and Dance with the Fey,” so the hall was decked out with faery images and symbols, a faery cairn with holey stones for our guests to pull from its well, green and white lights, and banners.  EMLC members and friends helped serve our guests tiny cupcakes, jambalaya, faery drinks, and colorful orange sections filled with Jello and deliciously subtle additives for the adults, such as St. Germain and Midori.  Of course, having the event segue into the first S.J. Tucker concert was a big draw, as well, so our guests and the fae got to let their feet, hands, and voices celebrate the start of FPG’s extended weekend gathering.

Meet and Greet and Dance with the Fey!

The Everglades Moon Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess invites you to Meet and Greet and Dance with the Fey!

Leave Mundania behind and join us for the first event of the Florida Pagan Gathering Beltane festival, at the threshold of Here and There and Now and Then.

Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones while you enjoy light refreshments and listen for Their whispers as you glide through the mist.

Come together at The Well and listen to the magickal workings of SJ Tucker.

We will gather in Valhalla after opening ritual on Thursday evening. If you would like more information about EMLC, just talk to us during the festival! You’ll find that we’re an easy-going bunch. Many of us are staying in Cabin 5 and we will be participating in many events throughout the weekend.

Let us know you’re stopping by! Leave a reply below to leave us a message, and we’ll be sure to say hello.