Holding Space for Orlando

On Monday, June 19th, 2016, Everglades Moon invited people of all faiths to join them as they held space for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. All were invited to remember the victims and send loving, healing energies to their families and friends, as well as for our nation as a whole. Witches, Christians, and energy workers of all faiths joined together under the Full Moon on the Summer Solstice. From Florida to Yaxuna, from North Carolina to Kentucky, Read More

Official Statement: Everglades Moon LC on the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting

For Immediate Release: On behalf of the Witches and Wiccans of Florida, Everglades Moon Local Council extends our deepest condolences to all those affected by the recent horrific violence against the LGBTQ+ community at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL . That such an act of hate could happen in our own back yard has shaken us to our core. We stand with everyone responding to this violence, Queer, Questioning and Straight, in solidarity and with love. We offer our Read More

Covenant of the Goddess on Marriage Equality

For Immediate Release DATE OF RELEASE: March 27, 2013 CONTACT:  Heather Greene, National Public Information Officer WEBSITE:  www.cog.org The Covenant of the Goddess, a Wiccan advocacy organization, responds to the recent cases presented before the Supreme Court on the topic of Marriage Equality. The Covenant of the Goddess extends its support to the entire LGBT community in its struggle for marriage equality within our country. We respect the diversity of religious thought even when it’s divergent from our own. As such, we support Read More