Official Statement: Everglades Moon LC on the Forced Separation Policy

For Immediate Release: Witches are centrally concerned with the humane treatment of all individuals, especially those from vulnerable populations. We recognize that there are many different types of families and many different types of needs. And therefore, we reject any assertion that the forced separation of otherwise healthy families is ever appropriate. We condemn all such actions as being abusive to children and adults. We call on any government engaging in such activity to cease immediately and recognize the fundamental Read More

Official Statement: Everglades Moon LC on the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting

For Immediate Release: On behalf of the Witches and Wiccans of Florida, Everglades Moon Local Council extends our deepest condolences to all those affected by the recent horrific violence against the LGBTQ+ community at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL . That such an act of hate could happen in our own back yard has shaken us to our core. We stand with everyone responding to this violence, Queer, Questioning and Straight, in solidarity and with love. We offer our Read More

Official Statement: EMLC on Escambia County Murders

We at Everglades Moon Local Council (Covenant of The Goddess) are saddened by the violent Deerfield Drive triple homicide, in our home state of Florida. We hope the person(s) responsible are swiftly brought to justice. We are also disappointed that the mainstream media chose to twist the statements made by the Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan and Sgt. Andrew Hobbs. The media, with intent to make a tragic story go viral, portrays members of our community in an inappropriate and Read More

Update on Kyrja Withers – She Did It!

For those of you who do not know who Kyrja Withers is, she is a Pagan Author who has been the subject of multiple attacks against her home.  We have previously discussed the situation and how you can help. She recently started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the funds to install a security system at her home – in part to dissuade future attacks, but in case they occur, to document them.  We are so happy to report that she Read More

Will 2013 be the Year of the Witch?

Witches and Wicca have certainly been in the news a lot during these first few months of 2013.  Will 2013 see more stories of tolerance (and, unfortunately, intolerance) of Wiccan and Pagan religions?  Only time will tell.  But if the rest of the year follows suit with the activity of 2013, this might very well be the Year of the Witch! You could say that some of this started last year.  Back in December, the current Grand Master of the Read More

Covenant of the Goddess Responds to the Media’s Comments on Wicca

For Immediate Release DATE OF RELEASE: February 19, 2013 CONTACT:  Heather Greene, National Public Information Officer WEBSITE: The Covenant of the Goddess, a Wiccan advocacy organization, responds to the recent media commentary on Wicca and Paganism San Bernardino, CA – The Covenant of the Goddess, a 37-year old organization supporting Wiccans and Witches in the United States, is profoundly disappointed at the string of negative, inaccurate and sensationalized comments made by various media anchors and reporters about Wicca and Read More

MEDIA STATEMENT – Florida Freemasons and Pagans

For Immediate Release: Everglades Moon Local Council, Florida Chapter of Covenant of the Goddess, a national organization of Witches and Wiccans, is saddened and disappointed to learn that The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida has stated that all Pagans, and specifically Wiccans, must resign their membership. We respect the right of groups such as the Freemasons to make choices regarding their membership.  We pray that Wiccan Masons can find a way to continue their contributions towards Read More

Official Statement: EMLC On Florida Grand Master’s Edict that Pagans Cannot be Freemasons

On November 28, 2012, the Grand Master of the State of Florida, Jorge L. Aladro, issued an edict stating that Paganism, Wicca, Odinism, and Gnosticism were not compatible with Freemasonry.  This edict further stated that any Freemason “that professes to be a member of one of the groups mentioned above shall tender his resignation or suffer himself to a Trial Commission whose final outcome will be expulsion since there is no provision to allow anything contrary to the Ancient Landmarks.” Click Read More

Hello, Pagan Newswire Collective!

Thank you to the Florida bureau of the Pagan Newswire Collective for posting a lovely article about us in their recent update.  The PNC provides pagan news from around the US.  If you’re not receiving their updates already via RSS or checking out their site, you really should! You can check out the national feed at the main Pagan Newswire Collective site, and then review the Florida feed! Read More