Giving Back: EMLC at the Children’s Hunger Summit

EMLC members Lady Circe and Kasha participated in the second annual Children’s Hunger Summit in Brevard County FL . This was an Interfaith event aimed at educating clergy about the pediatric hunger problem in this Central Florida county, and this project to provide meals for kids to take home on weekends. EMLC members have supported this program with donations and manhours to pack the meals in the past year, and plan to continue being involved with the project.  For more >> Read More

More Memories of Merry Meet

This week we have another EMLC member sharing her memories of the most recent Grand Council/Merry Meet in Atlanta. Lady Bridget Sidhe-Lyric, HPS of Witch and Famous, and our outgoing National Membership Officer, shares her experiences at Merry Meet below. This year’s annual meeting of Covenant of the Goddess (called Merry Meet for the festival side and Grand Council for the business meeting) took place in Atlanta, GA at the Crown Ravinia Hotel from Aug. 21-24. As usual, events started >> Read More

In Gods and Godesses We Trust

In Gods and Goddesses We Trust There have been a plethora of articles looking back at 9/11 and it’s deep impact upon us. For most us, Pagans included, it evoked a strong desire to set aside the small stuff, to connect with our families and communities, and to make sense of our experiences of loss, shock, loyalty, and patriotism. Some of us Pagans experienced an extra sense of fear or uncertainty, too. As a minority religion, the waves of condemnation >> Read More