Turning the Tide 2011 Recap

Turning the Tide, 2011 marked EMLC’s 5th Year hosting this great South Florida gathering of Wiccans and Witches!  We spent a “Pentaculous” weekend together camping, singing, enjoying workshops, sharing ritual space, and so much more. It’s hard to believe that this festival has been going on for 5 years now. When we remember planning our first Turning the Tide, wondering who (other than other EMLC’ers) might show up… and now folks e-mail us and ask on our Facebook for more Read More

Turning the Tide 2011 – Workshops

Turing the Tide 2011 Pentaculous Workshops (check back often, as more workshops will be added!) Small Mead – Mead in ten days! & Rocket Stove Demonstration – Lord Riekin Ogham, the Celtic Tree Alphabet – Ash, the Silent The workshop covers a brief history of Sacred Trees, and the Ogham. The main focus of the workshp is using the Celtic Tree Alphabet as a Divination tool, as talismans, and their uses in SpellCraft. During the workshop participants will have an Read More

Turning the Tide 2011

Turning the Tide 2011 – Pentaculous! Turning the Tide, 2011 celebrates our 5th YEAR of this great South Florida gathering of Witches and Wiccans! Hosted once more by Everglades Moon Local Council, we shall be celebrating a “Pentaculous” 5th year December 2-4, 2011. We will again feature workshops, rituals, drumming, the wreath/centerpiece contest, a pot luck feast and cabin space (limited availability) with supplemental tenting space. Turning the Tide is held at a small campground in Northern Miami-Date County. Read More