Turning the Tide 2010

Turning the Tide 2010 December 10-12th!  Save the Date! Everglades Moon Local Council is hosting Turning the Tide 2010, this December 10-12th, an intimate gathering of Wiccans and Witches in south Florida.  The gathering will again feature workshops, rituals, drumming, the Iron Witch competition, the wreath/centerpiece contest, a potluck feast and cabin space (limited availability) with supplemental tenting space.  Turning the Tide is held at a small campground in Northern Miami-Dade County (location and directions will be provided upon registration confirmation).

This year’s festival also features a wreath/centerpiece contest again that we are inviting all attendees to participate in and which will help decorate our main hall.  For details, see the Wreath/Centerpiece contest page.  Our thanks to The Temple of the Sacred Mist for the contest support and prizes!

Registration forms are now available! Flyers too!  PayPal payment information will be up soon, so check back if that’s how you want to pay for your registration.
Workshop information is being posted as it is developed.  Save the date and check back for more information.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Workshops being planned:

“Cherry Hill Seminary: Education for Pagan Ministry”  with Cosette

“Ride the Night Winds: Working with Astral Temples”  with Canu

“The One True Goddess” with Sandra Cheryl Richardson

“Honey Jars and Other Sweet Things” with Coyote Morningstar

“Roundtable Discussion- Congregational Pagans” with Coral

“The Care and Feeding of a Happy House Elf”  with Rayna

“Runecraft- Beyond Divination” with Ash the Silent

“The Harvest of the Seeds” with Spelcastor

“The Besom Brigade” with Lady Bridget

“Women’s Rite – Making of Ritual Cakes”  with Kasha

“Mead Making, or- The Nectar of the Gods from Your Own Kitchen”  with Ray

“Sacred Sound” with Laertius

“Quantum Magic” with Corvus

“The Psychology of Ritual” with Lady Bridget

“Understanding Your Ascendant” with Fael

“Iron Witch” with Cosette