Turning the Tide 2011 – Workshops

Turing the Tide 2011

Pentaculous Workshops

(check back often, as more workshops will be added!)

Small Mead – Mead in ten days! & Rocket Stove Demonstration – Lord Riekin

Ogham, the Celtic Tree Alphabet – Ash, the Silent

The workshop covers a brief history of Sacred Trees, and the Ogham. The main focus of the workshp is using the Celtic Tree Alphabet as a Divination tool, as talismans, and their uses in SpellCraft. During the workshop participants will have an opportunity to make their own Ogham sigils on prepared twig “blanks” made Ash. If participants wish to carve into the wood, bring gouging tools. Otherwise, markers will be provided. After crafting the the twigs, we will activate them thru a brief ritual.

Bio: I have walked a Druid’s path for most of my life: my formal Bardic training began when I was 14. That lasted till I was 21 and I began studying Divination as an Initiated Ovate. You can frequently find me at festivals and faires doing Readings and making BindRunes for faire-goers. In terms of the Pagan community, I am a member of the MoonPath CUUPS clergy, and an enthusiastic participant in their Study Groups and Sabbats. I am also a High Priestess Emeritus of a 501C3 organization, The Sisterhood of Ahel Adom, Inc., which celebrates the Goddess and is focused on empowering women and reclaiming the old ways. At this time, I have two Apprentices in Divination. In the mundane world, I am a college art professor.

Death Ministries – Spelcastor

As Pagan clergy, we will be called upon to lead more than hand fastings. How do we help our friends at the end of life? There’s hand holding, silence, financial decisions, and much more than ceremony. Come share experiences on how we can better serve our community. Spelcastor as a solitary was welcomed as an Elder into Covenant of the Goddess in 2002. He joined CUUPS, the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, in 1990 and serves as Gatekeeper in Fort Lauderdale. He enjoys humor in bringing the shadow-side to life.

Wiccan Ethics Panel Discussion – led by Lord Pantheogus

Iron Witch – back for a 5th Year! – with our hostess, Cosette!