Turning the Tide 2010 Workshops

Defense Against the Dark Arts by Spelcastor

The Dark Time of year is a fine occasion to re-visit this amusing title from Harry Potter. We will explore the arts of our Craft, how they might be turned against us, and what we might do to protect ourselves.  We will talk about exorcism, but laughter is the best defense.

Spelcastor is a solitary who was welcomed as an Elder into Covenant of the Goddess in 2002.  His learning comes from reading, practice,
sharing, leading and ritual. He joined CUUPS, the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, in 1990 and serves as Gatekeeper in Fort Lauderdale. Visit www.Spelcastor.org

Potions with Ash the Silent /|

In this workshop we will look a bit at the history of potions in the Craft, and discuss the different ways to make potions, brews, tinctures and philtrons. Then we will make a group potion in a big cauldron, charging it with out intent.  Afterwards, it is time for individual concoction of tinctures.  Ash will supply all the supplies.  Please bring a small glass bottle with a lid.  (Note: I need to be near an electrical outlet – so I can plug in a hotplate!)

Ash the SIlent /| is a Druid High Priestess and  board member of The Sisterhood of Ahel Adom, Inc., a teaching temple devoted to the ministry of the Great Goddess. As a hereditary Pagan, she has a strong Practice of Craftwork.  Her elements are fire and blood, and her Gift is RuneCraft.  Besides Runes, she is deeply committed to growing magical herbs for potions and philtrons.

Water Medicine ~ Transforming Personal and Environmental Toxins by Lord Coyote Brid’s Flame

Using the body of water on-sight we will work transformation magic to cleanse the toxins from the lake and canals it is connected to, acting as a catalyst to spread the healing far and wide.  We will honor the water within ourselves by honoring the water of the land, and bring cleansing and healing.

~Coyote, from West Palm Beach, has been a witch for thirteen years and shamanically pagan for far longer.  He has been a member of Everglades Moon since Beltane of 2002 and served on the board in some position or other most of that time.  He currently serves as Local Council Recorder.  Coyote is a solitary sea witch, a Son of the Wave.

Trance Dance by Cosette
The trance dance carries us deeper into ourselves and into communion with this time of year and all of nature. Through a series of breathing exercises and slow, repetitive motions to the beat of the drums, we’ll reach an altered state of consciousness in a shared sacred, safe space. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners, it’s a perfect way to begin the weekend’s work.

Iron Witch by Cosette
Based upon the Japanese cooking show, Iron Chef, Iron Witch carries on the legend of Kitchen Stadium and the famed secret ingredient. Witches face off in a timed competition to create the ultimate spell and become the Iron Witch. Prizes will be awarded. Sign up in the Main Hall.
Cosette has been on the path for about 12 years and her Craft is largely informed by feminism and a desire to connect with the natural world. Although she is an initiate of the Georgian Wiccan tradition, her practice has an eclectic style that draws from different sources and inspiration from many people she’s met throughout her life. She also likes to sleep.

Besom Brigade by Lady Bridget

This was inspired by another CoG member, M.Macha Nightmare.  If you were ever part of a drill team or wanted to be, come see what happens when Witches take over the field!  Lady Bridget will be teaching a routine, so come prepared to have fun.   We have about 9 brooms, and you are cncouraged to bring your favorite small broom with you too.

Lady Bridget is the High Priestess of the Witch & Famous Coven, and has been a practicing witch for almost two decades. (She also was in the AFJROTC and was a drill sargeant in CAP.)  Her passion has always been to honor the Gods and Goddesses with both reverence and mirth, and she brings this energy to whatever she does.

Drumming Workshop – with Ian

Very few drummers are born knowing how to drum, the rest of us have to work hard to learn.  Bring your drum or your hands and feet and spend some time learning new rhythms with Roots of Music drummer Ian.

Ian has been a drummer since he was old enough to sit on his mother’s lap and bang on her jambe, and he’s been attending festivals and drumming ever since.  He is part of Earth Drum Tribe and now also has his own drumming group, Roots of Music, and they often play at FPG and other festivals.

Honoring the Mighty Dead: Lessons from the Lucumi Tradition by Rayna Ardren Owens and Jose Leyva

Afro-diasporic pagan traditions, such as Lucumi (also known as Cuban Santeria) have preserved a rich and complex tradition of honoring the ancestors.  Modern Lucumi practices incorporate ancestral prayers and veneration of European, African, and Native American origin.  This workshop will present the basic concepts of working with the egun, or mighty dead through prayers and ancestral altars.  We will share ancestral prayers and food offerings suitable for any pagan tradition and join together in a brief Working to honor our family members one the other side.  Please bring a libation, stone, or biodegradable offering with special meaning for your family.

Rev. Rayna Ardren Owens is a daughter of the Ocean Mother and High Priestess of Beachfyre Coven in Miami, Florida.  She has been an initiated Witch since 1984 and has followed the orisha for nearly as long.  Working with ancestors has always had a special place in her spiritual practice.

Jose Leyva is an initiated priest of Lucumi who incorporates worship of Kali into his spiritual practice.  He was raised within a large extended family of Lucumi practitioners of the Pimienta rama from Matanzas, Cuba.  A former Wiccan, Jose builds bridges between people whenever he can.

Urban Shamanism by Moonday

Learn how to use shamanistic techniques to enter the Mystic World.  Traditionally Shamans are intermediaries to the Spirit World, today we can apply the techniques of a shaman to understand the messages of spirits and gods without an intermediary. The Mystic World, is the place that real magick lies, a place where realities bend and shift, where metaphors and symbols live.

Moonday is a Chaos Magician, life long student of all things Jungian and teacher of earth-based paganism. Credentials include: ordained minister, elder of MoonPathCircle, Priestess of the Sisterhood of Ahel Adom, Certified Medium, Reiki Master.


Tarot Spreads for Groups by Gina Estevez

Your Tarot cards are the perfect medium for reading for groups – be they magickal or mundane. We’ll discuss creating group spreads on the fly, and Gina will share some of her favorite techniques. There will be a group reading at the end of this workshop – please join us and share in the fun!

Gina is a cleverly disguised business professional by day, Gina LaMonte is a musician, songwriter, mystic, and Mom, who has been wreaking metaphysical mayhem for fifteen years in Florida and at festivals around the country. Tarot Spreads, Threads and Mandalas is her first book, and part of her cunning plan to retire from the day
job and travel in an RV from one metaphysical shop to another, from one festival to the next, working with folks of like-mind, and sharing her passion for Tarot, Magick and Kaballah.  Contact Gina at mnemosyne777@gmail.com and visit her little corner of the web at http://sites.google.com/site/mnemosyne777/


Alpha Magic – Where Science meets Witchcraft by Lady Athena

The alpha state of consciousness is the basis for all psychic and magical workings in witchcraft.  In this workshop we will learn an easy way to achieve an alpha state of consciousness and how to guide the journey.  In addition, we will learn and perform psychic medical diagnosing, mind travel, and instant alpha.

 Lady Athena has been a practicing solitary witch since the year 2000 with formal training as a member of The Circle of The Winged Lion in the Celtic Pantheist tradition with some influence of the Cabot tradition.  Lady Athena is very involved in community activities that include activism for environmental sustainability and food security.  She believes very strongly in the connection between health and magic as well as the connection between magic and our respect of the elements.  Lady Athena also performs handfastings, rites of passage and dedicates much of her time serving as a spiritual advisor.


A Compendium of Magickcal Practice by Sapnabella and Axis

Sapnabella and Axis’s book A Compendium of Magickal Practice gives a progressed learning chain that exercises and develops the sub skills common to most magickal tasks.  In this workshop, join the authors in experiencing how a progressed learning chain of magickal skills strengthens and sharpens diverse types of magick.  We will begin with magickal protection and move through areas of psychic maturation, channeling, dream work, fairy magick, dragon magick, animal magick, movement for ecstatic trance, and sex magick [G rated].

Sapnabella is the pen name of Cynthia who is a Miami Wiccan High Priestess and a Witch born.  Cynthia has a private practice in dream interpretation and divination, has led magickal Workings of many kinds for years and is an award winning author.  Axis is an especially pure Channel who has led many workshops on Pagan parenting and on developing psychic talents.  He roamed Latin America for many years learning South American magickal techniques and teachings and then came to the U.S. where he refined his psychic abilities and spiritual views.


The Wiccan Mala Workshop by Lillah

A workshop  covering  the use of prayer and mala beads- their use and history.  We will adapt  the mala  for use in Wicca for spiritual devotion, meditation and magic.  You will have the opportunity to make your own simple mala durring the workshop.  We will work together with the mala to charge it and learn some mantras for meditation.  Materials will be provided.

Lillah is the High Priestess of Clan of the Sacred Chalice, a Traditional Gardnerian Coven in Hialeah Florida.  Lillah also is the lead singer of the local pagan rock band Witchs Mark.  Lillah is also blind so please feel free to remind her who you are as she can not see your wonderful pagan faces.