Turning the Tide 2012: Workshops

Turning the Tides 2012: Workshops
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Dreaming with Trees ~ Presented by Rayna
The Land calls us back. What does this mean? Co-creative partnership with the spirits of the plant world is a powerful form of healing for both our beautiful blue marble and for ourselves. Through attunement to the grass, trees, and certain other plants of the festival site we will move toward alignment with the energy of this special place and perhaps to agreement with the spirits on a mutual plan for growth.

The Mysteries of Pan: the Power of the Phallus ~ Presented by Coyote
This workshop is for men of all sexual orientations. We will explore the fascinating history of the veneration of the phallus around the world including penis charms, lingams, and herms as well as a seven day ritual observance for Saturnalia to attune a man to the wild power of Pan.

The Many Roles of Pagan Clergy ~ Presented by Spelcastor
Spelcastor will lead a guided discussion of the many expectations that might befall Wiccan clergy. There is more beyond Priestess, Shaman, Bard, and Celebrant. Come share your ideas and experiences!

About Spelcastor: Spelcastor was welcomed as a Solitary into Everglades Moon Local Council in 2002 and holds Covenant of the Goddess Clergy credentials. He does handfastings, community outreach, and invites others into the Craft through the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans and MoonPath circle.

Witches’ Alphabet Workshop ~ Presented by Ash the Silent /|\
In this fun workshop, Ash the Silent /|\ will introduce various arcane alphabets, such as the Theban, Enochian, Ogham, and the Angelic Malachim alphabet. We will explore their backgrounds and how they were used in ancient and modern times. Then the fun begins! She will supply small plaques cut from a tree branch felled by lightning and let you create your own secret magickal sigil, which we will then consecrate.

About Ash the Silent /|\: Ash the Silent, as she is known in the Pagan community, has has been a visionary and rekindler of the “Old Ways” since she was a young Bard in the Druidic tradition. She is an active member of the South Florida magickal community; and very publicly a Pagan.  As an Elder in the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans she often writes and functions as High Priestess in Sabbat rituals. Ash’s craft is Runecraft, and her elements are blood and fire.  She is a Crone, with all the experience that comes with a lifetime of magickal practice. Ever interested in Occult studies, Ash now practice Chaos and is currently studying the works of Andrew Chumbly of the Cultus Sabbati.

Children’s Art workshop to the Town Square ~ Presented by Sirona
Bring your munchkins to delight in creating a piece of art that they can take home as a souvenir. We’ll be using vision and imagination to decorate random shapes and transform them into masterpieces. Supplies are provided, laughter is contagious, and glitter is magick! Grown-ups are welcome, too.

About Sirona: The crafty mother of two boys, 13 & 6, Sirona likes to mix a little fun into the magick-making. Reverence and Mirth go hand in hand.

Sacred Body Modification Workshop ~ Presented by Jessica
Body modification has been used countless times within the human race. It spans through geography and culture. They mark rites of passage and sacrifice, empowering the body or simply as rebellion against the norm. As a professional my view of this is not shared by many, the majority of artists in our industry have been jaded by “the story”. Everyone has one, especially when getting
tattooed or pierced. I view it in its purest form. Marking the body in some permanent way to mark a change in your life, and as a Pagan I found myself incorporating a tattoo or piercing into my practice; a way of spiritual development through the sacrifice of the body and of the mind. It is not something I take lightly.

It is a permanent transformation of the body mine and soul. I’ve been fortunate enough to have found the support of the Pagan community in South Florida to begin doing ritualized piercing. Not just the standard poke and go you find at most tattoo or piercing parlors but true ritual with meaning. You see the act of modifying your body is the real magic what is left in place is an ARTifact. Because it is in fact an art form, and one of the oldest ones in our existence.

Yet how do we as modern human incorporate this practice into our lives? Cosmetic surgery is one form be it subtle or extreme. Tattoos and piercings have also been slowly making their way back into our day to day lives. As a pagan however I feel that it is more than that. It is a dedication a sacrifice an acknowledgement of who we have been and who we are becoming, it is our own life force being shed and in our blood there is power.

My focus here is to share what I have learned within this shamanistic practice of body modification, of using ritual space in a way not seen in countless years. How one can incorporate modification into sacred space for purpose and intent, how placement can affect one’s outlook through pressure points and corresponding chakras. I will review breathing techniques to control the pain and even how to make a short trip to a tattoo shop a sacred experience as well as touching upon controversial topic such as scarification and cutting, I will also allowing time for a brief Q&A with participants, to dispel myths and allow them an opportunity to explore what being ritually modified can really mean.

Because when you modify yourself you aren’t just modifying your body. You are adorning your temple and empowering your spirit.

FYI: If you attended FPG at Beltaine, this workshop may look familiar to you. If you missed it, here’s your chance to make it up!

Talking About Transits ~ Presented by Humberto
Have you ever gone through a period in your life that made you want to throw up your hands and say “What the deuce is going on here?!”  If so, understanding how the planets transit through your chart could help give you some insight as to what is going on and why it’s happening.  In this workshop, we will work exclusively on the concept of planetary transits- these are the “weather reports” of astrology, which change dynamically with time rather than the more static experience of working with a birth chart.  We will talk about what transits are, how to calculate a chart to show the transits, and do some interpretation of a chart that will be provided.  Time permitting we may also go over individual charts as well.  this is a more advanced workshop on Astrology so a basic understanding of the Signs, Planets, and Houses is recommended but not required.  Handouts will be provided with keywords for the Signs, Planets, and Houses.

Storytelling and Paganism ~ Presented by Robert Clark and Jette
Storytelling and Paganism – A look at the importance and value of storytelling traditions in Pagan culture. We will discuss the practice and relevance of retelling myths as well as sharing stories of our Gods and heroes.

About Robert Clark ~ Robert Clark has been a solitary follower of the Northern Tradition for five years and active in the Southern Florida Pagan community for the last year. He is currently working towards a major in History with a minor in Theology.

About Jette ~ Jette has identified as Pagan since 1991. She is a witch, healer and walker between the worlds.

Faery Seer Breaths and Chants ~ Presented by Coyote and other members of the House of Brigh
“Water wash the ill away,
Water wash it gone,
As the darkness gives away,
Comes the rising Sun!”

Join us on the banks of the Oleta River as we breathe up the enchanted green mist of the Otherworld and commune with the genus loci, the spirit of the place. We will ritually wash our hands in the river and align the three flames of our soul. Come to the crossroads between the worlds.

Quantum Magick ~ Presented by Corvus
This workshop will cover foundational ideas in quantum physics which are useful to practicing magicians, as well as propose an experimental system to test what makes good magic and effective outcomes.

About Corvus ~ Corvus did his undergraduate degree in Physics sepcializing in quantum optics. He is published and cited in several peer-reviewed scientific journals and textbooks. He has also been a practicing witch and magician since 1989.