Turning the Tide 2018 – Workshop Listing

Turning the Tide 2018: Workshops!

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Entry to each of these workshops is INCLUDED with your registration to Turning the Tide 2018. Interested in presenting a workshop? Complete this form to apply! Want to join us? Click here for the registration form!

Faery Seer Breath~ Presented by Florida Branch of House of Brigh
Join us at the bank of the Oleta River as we open the faery well, raise the green mist, and align the three flames of our soul! We will start by introducing the principles and language of Faery Seership, and soon you will feel the connection and magick of the Faery Seers.
About House of Brigh: The Florida Branch of the House of Brigh are practitioners of Faery Seership Teachings of Orion Foxwood, who utilizes traditional and contemporary faery lore to connect with the genus loci and our redeemed ancestors, among many other faery practices.

Astrology Basics – Journey of the Sun through your Houses~ Presented by Aequitas
The sun transits through our natal astrological chart bringing light and awareness to 12 different areas of our lives, referred to as the 12 houses. When the sun visits each house, if you synchronize your monthly endeavors with that corresponding house, your earthly endeavors will be fruitful. Learn how to unlock the wisdom teachings of Sol as we work to bring more light into our lives. We will also explore the powerful planetary relationship between your natal Sun and Moon, and the amazing portent available using the “progressed sun” technique.

About Aequitas Aequitas is a practicing astrologer for 12 years and is NCGR-PAA Level 1 certified. He is a first degree initiate of the Georgian Tradition of Wicca, and has served on the board of Everglades Moon for several years.

Hekate Veneration~ Presented by Temple at the Crossroads
This is a communal offering to Hekate, the Goddess of the Crossroads. Greynolds Campgrounds sits at a crossroads and those crossroads have served our wonderful festival for the last 11 years. To honor Her, we will gather at the Great Hall Patio and process to the main gates of the park. Bring an eco-friendly and animal-safe offering for Her. As we leave offerings, we will sing a chant in Her honor

About Temple at the Crossroads Temple at the Crossroads is a devotional Circle of eclectic members dedicated to Hekate, who share their personal experiences, knowledge, and worship practices with one another.

12th House as a Guide to Personal Transformation~ Presented by Rayna Templebee
Lets take a deep dive into the mysterious 12th house of astrology! Often denigrated as the house of ‘escapism’ or ‘self-undoing’ the true esoteric meaning of the 12th house is much more aligned with our personal path to transcendence and an experience of the divine. We will review the major ways the 12th house is interpreted in modern astrology with a focus on using planets and signs that fall in our natal 12th house as clues for how to transcend karmic lessons and experiences from previous lifetimes. By bringing these forces from our unconsciousness up to the surface we can learn about our hidden strengths and honor our vulnerabilities. No prior knowledge of astrology is needed but please bring a hard copy of your natal chart using Placidus houses.

About Rayna Templebee Rev. Rayna Templebee is a daughter of the Ocean Mother and High Priestess of Beachfyre Coven in Miami, Florida. She was raised in a family that spoke with plants and initiated as a Witch in 1983. She is a faery seer and one of the founders of Turning the Tide Festival.

Make Your Natal Chart in a Bracelet~ Presented by Lady Bridget
Now you can take your natal chart with you wherever you go! Wherever you are, you can have the strength of the stars on your wrist. Using beads to represent the planets and the houses, come and create a beautiful piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours and no one else’s, because it is the story of your birth in a bracelet! Even if you’ve never made any jewelry before, you can do this. You will need to download your chart ahead of time on your smartphone (there are many free apps for that) and bring it with you to this workshop. All the beads and findings you need will be provided for free, as my gift to you. If you have your own beads or tools, feel free to bring them.

About Lady Bridget Lady Bridget is the HPS of the Witch & Famous Coven in Tamarac, FL and is a founding member of EMLC. Her many hobbies include making jewelry, knitting, crocheting, cross stitch and needlework, singing, playing guitar and harp, kayaking, camping, and thrift store shopping. She and Lord Riekin are also beekeepers, and are owned by Tweezer, a pineapple conjure who often goes with them on their adventures.

Energy working with Lord Riekin
Raising and directing energy is central to successful magical workings. All cultures and magical systems have their methods and techniques, but like the blind elders in the room with the elephant, they all describe the same thing in different ways. In this class I will show you that the energy of mana is all around us and there for our use in infinite quantities. And I do mean show you. This is not a class in theory, but on hands on practice. I will show you how to give your magic, your life and the world around you more Ommph!

About Lord Riekin Bio forthcoming

Honoring your Healing Team~ Presented by Alpandia
We all have a medication (or two, or four, or…) that keeps us going. During this workshop, we will take a look at our relationship with these medications. and how that relationship may be impacting the ability of those medicines to heal us. My goal is to help you deepen your relationship with these members of your healing team, helping you to see them with new eyes as co-creative partners in the healing of YOU.

About Alpandia Alpandia is a Seer and Strega living with her cats in South Florida (which includes her Leo of a Ninja Jesus). She is the “Hermione” of Casa Verde, the second Florida hosting of HoB. Among her many hats are Digital Media Director of The Wild Hunt, Web Weaver for Mystic South, and Publications Officer for EMLC where she handling its website and social media. She is also part of the dynamic duo of organizers for this year’s Turning the Tide!

What’s your Sign – Ritual Planning!
We invite all of our Turning the Tide family to help us craft unique offerings to each of the elements at the start of ritual. We will break up according to the element of our astrological sign into groups. Each group will spend some time crafting an element of ritual: song, dance, poetry, or something else!


Washing your Icons~ Led by Lady Rayna and Canu
We are responsible for healing our ancestors and humanity. Join us as we wash our images of gods and goddesses in a sacred river to release them from all the projections of our over-culture. Together, let us re-consecrate in the ancient current. We bless our icons and our gods in the spirit of life itself, the ancient current, the original magick of earth and water.
NOTE: Please bring one (1) icon with you. We will be applying water to it, so be sure that water will not harm your statuary!

Plant and Seed Share~ Presented by Steve
If you have plants, seeds, or cuttings you would like to gift, please bring them to the Plant and Seed Share! Stop by to make new green friends. Learn what Florida-friendly plants your Tides family is growing. Please bring plants, seeds, cuttings, gardening tools or books to pass along. If you are interested in gardening come on by, you dont need to bring anything to go home with something.

About Steve Steve grows edible perennials and wants to inspire others to do the same.

Becoming Naturalized: Spiritual Practice Through Animism~ Presented by Raine
Though many of our pagan ancestors do not arise from the waters and soil of the Americas, the strength and flourishing of our spiritual paths may depend on taking root in this “New World” and making kinship with its many spirits. The reconstruction of Norse, Greeco-Roman, Celtic, and even the Medieval witchcraft practices throughout Europe, stress the need to adopt the lore of new environments while preserving what ancient lore we can. This workshop will attempt to do just that for Florida—and specifically south Florida—residents. We can do more than call upon divine beings and spiritual aid from our distant homelands: we can live among a new host of spirit courts and mighty gods where we draw our breath. This workshop will guide participants through a few ways to collectively build an animistic practice with native plants, animals, and spiritual entities of the Land in Florida.

About Raine Funny how Craft names work, right? You decide on them in college when you’re a starry-eyed, fantasy nerd #babywitch and then, thirteen years later, your local Mother Goddess says it’s cute and you should use it more when presenting her to the world. Soooo, I’m Raine, local south Florida resident for the past two decades and devotee of Our Lady, Mother Florida* (a.k.a. Mamma Gator and Shimmering Waters). I’m originally from Cuba y hablo español even though I prefer English and never really had a Cuban accent (sorry, Miami). Maybe that’s why I use the name I do for Mother Florida, porque la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre esta en mi sangre, or something. I am uncompromisingly queer and a city-boy animist at my core, with a B.A. in Anthropology and big impractical ideas about culture. I’ve embraced all my weirdness and gotten precisely this far with it all.

Healing Ancestral Wounds and Ancestor Trees~ Presented by Canu
Take a journey to the River of Blood to encounter ancestors and utilize tools for healing ancestral trauma and ancestral relations. This workshop will involve discussing ancestry, healing ancestral trauma, and our ancestral trees. This workshop will involve a meditative section, so be ready to spend some of the time journeying together to the River of Blood from which all humanity arises.

About Canu Canu is the High Priest of Beachfyre Coven, a Faery Seer, and an Elder in the Georgian tradition. He likes to sing, garden, tend bees, and practice environmental law for the public. He is on the Advisory Board of Cherry Hill Seminary, has served as First Officer, Publications Officer, and Internet Coordinator of the Covenant of the Goddess (CoG), and helped found Everglades Moon Local Council of CoG.