Turning the Tide 2019 Workshops

Turning the Tide 2019: Workshops!

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Entry to each of these workshops is INCLUDED with your registration to Turning the Tide 2018. Interested in presenting a workshop? Complete this form to apply! Want to join us? Click here for the registration form!

Faery Seer Breath~ Presented by Florida Branch of House of Brigh
Join us at the bank of the Oleta River as we open the faery well, raise the green mist, and align the three flames of our soul! We will start by introducing the principles and language of Faery Seership, and soon you will feel the connection and magick of the Faery Seers.
About House of Brigh: The Florida Branch of the House of Brigh are practitioners of Faery Seership Teachings of Orion Foxwood, who utilizes traditional and contemporary faery lore to connect with the genus loci and our redeemed ancestors, among many other faery practices.

Astrology Basics – The Goddess Asteroids & You~ Presented by Aequitas
Learn about the four sacred goddesses and where they are located on your astrology chart. Live readings also included! Bring your birth info!

About Aequitas Aequitas is a member of EMLC and Beachfyre Coven. He is also an NCGR-1 certified astrologer, conducting live readings and classes at Luna Bohemia shop.

Hekate Veneration~ Presented by Temple at the Crossroads
This is a communal offering to Hekate, the Goddess of the Crossroads. Greynolds Campgrounds sits at a crossroads and those crossroads have served our wonderful festival for the last 11 years. To honor Her, we will gather at the Great Hall Patio and process to the main gates of the park. Bring an eco-friendly and animal-safe offering for Her. As we leave offerings, we will sing a chant in Her honor

About Temple at the Crossroads Temple at the Crossroads is a devotional Circle of eclectic members dedicated to Hekate, who share their personal experiences, knowledge, and worship practices with one another.

Pranayma~ Presented by Cat
Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning “energy” (prana) and “extension” (yama). It is primarily a set of breathing exercises either done alone or as part of a yogic practice involving “asanas” or postures. Done regularly at the beginning of your day will increase your lung capacity and breath control as well as energize your whole body.

The (Very) Basics of Singing Well~ Presented by Cat
Almost everyone can sing reasonably well with a little training. This class explores the basics of improving your ability to sing, giving you techniques that you can use immediately to improve your vocal quality.

About Cat Cat has been studing the craft for 13 years (Wow! 13! How auspicious!) and obtained her high priestess degree with Witch & Famous coven. She is a certified Vedic Educator (Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga), a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Crystal Healer. In college she majored in vocal performance. She continued singing, however, performing at social events, local shows, etc. and taking many, many lessons!

Basics of South Florida Beekeeping~ Presented by Lord Rieken
Watch Lord Riekin explain a full beehive setup (without bees) and learn the use and importance of each piece of the hive, as well as possible alternatives.

About Lord Riekin Rieken dedicated to the Goddess in May of 1974. B.S. Forestry 1975 and has been in the tree industry in South Florida for 43 years, until retiring last year. He has a long history of working with bees, and since his retirement has revived his interest and knowledge.

Working with Sovereign Land Spirits ~ Presented by Dayan
Sharing a developing practice of paganism developing right here in Florida, with the local spirits as guides. A unique way of connecting and working with land spirits, great and small, by co-inhabiting their mythic landscapes.

About Dayan Dayan has been following the path of Our Mother, Lady Florida, for the past three years, using different skills and techniques and anthropological research to craft a unique pagan path deeply rooted in the local spiritual ecologies of the land and waters.

Kundalini Yoga~ Presented by Ceos
Description forthcoming

About Ceos Bio forthcoming

Creating Your Oracle~ Presented by Fhyre-Sulis
Everyone will create their own oracle using river rocks and symbols from the natural world. We will work with the genus loci to receive messages.

About Fhyre-Sulis I have been a witch since 1989. I’ve been interested in the tarot and divination since a very early age.

Cleasing our Fate Threads~ Presented by Canu
The Weaver is an underworld figure in the Faery Seership practice associated with both the weaving and dissolution of our fate threads. In this workshop, we’ll use the Weaver’s Basket to cleanse our fate threads, releasing connections no longer serving us and threads of illusion that may have attached to us from our personal, ecological, cultural, religious, or political lives.

About Canu Canu is a Senior Faery Seership Apprentice, a Priest of Herne and the Green Man, a child of Oshun, a 3rd Degree Elder in the Georgian Tradition of Wicca, and the HP of Beachfyre Coven. He is also an environmental lawyer for the public, a bone and antler carver, an occasional singer, and he has a bad tech habit on the side.

Alternate Castings in Sacred Space~ Presented by Cristina
Description forthcoming

About Cristina Bio forthcoming

Shapeshifting with the Goddess Cerridwen~ Presented by Tanit Heru
Revisiting the myth of Cerridwen . A discussion & meditation using her cauldron Awen to shift our perspectives and connect with the wild ones in a new way.

About Tanit Heru Tanit (CJ) has been a spiritual seeker and a solitary Wiccan for decades. Eventually, she became a Georgian initiate and, recently, elevated 3rd degree.

Bits, Bobbles and Bones: An intro to bone throwing divination~ Presented by Pea Kay
Learn the ancient art of Osteomancy, or the throwing of bones with a hands on demonstration. Kits and books available after the class.

About Pea Kay Pea is a registered clairvoyant and professional Osteomancer with over 30 years experience. She is not nearly as cool as this bio makes her sound.

Lucky 13~ Presented by Lady Bridget
What makes this number so controversial? Why is 13 considered lucky by some and unlucky by others? What is the special significance of 13? We’ll delve into this from the historical, mathematical, and magical perspectives.

About Lady Bridget Lady Bridget lives in Tamarac, FL with Lord Riekin, and Tweezer (the “pretty bird”). She is the HPS of Witch & Famous Coven, and has been studying and teaching Wicca since the early 90’s.