Turning the Tide 2024 Workshops


The Turning the Tide committee is busy planning another fantastic event. Here’s a peek at the program as it comes together.

Plarning presented by Opal Luna

Collect up all those plastic bags that are multiplying under the sink! Plarning, the act of creating plastic yarn from grocery bags, can keep hundreds of plastic bags out of the land fill while providing a bit of comfort to unhoused folx.
Learn how you can participate in this worthwhile cause. All skill levels needed.

Opal Luna is a Crone, a priestess of Minerva, and Fiber Magickian. She is the author of “Fiber Magick, A Witch’s Guide to Spellcasting with Crochet, Knotwork, and Weaving.” As president of Abelina’s Grove, she enjoys teaching, presenting, and leading rituals such as the annual Hurricane Protection Ritual in June.

Harnessing the Eclipse Moon: Astrological Magick presented by Aequitas

On April 8, 2024, there will be a “big deal” solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is a new moon, new beginning, waxing magic, all inside Equinox Season in the sign of Aries. The shadow crosses through Mexico, the US, and Canada. People will be traveling to it, and it will be all over the news.  Discover where the eclipse occurs in your chart by house to focus the magical intention there and see if any planets or points directly conjunct. If you don’t know your birth time, you’ll work with Aries energy.  We’ll prepare a magical talisman to activate on April 8. Craft your intention and take home instructions for April 8.

Aequitas is a member of Beachfyre Coven, EMLC, Tides Festival volunteer, Georgian Wiccan Tradition practitioner, and Hekate devotee. Also known as Stars By Joseph, he teaches astrology workshops, classes and conducts client readings in person at Luna Bohemia Shop in Miami and also via Zoom. Joseph is a Level 1 Certified Astrologer with the Professional Astrologers Alliance. Connect with @StarsByJoseph on Instagram and Facebook.

The Magick of Cold Process Soap Making presented by Rayna Templebee.

Turning vegetable and animal fats into soap is a magickal process akin to alchemy.  How do liquids become solid? How does fat end up removing grease from our pots and pans? This workshop will discuss the difference between soap and detergent and the various ways soap is made. Everyone will make their own bar of cold process soap to take home, using milk (for Imbolc) and flowery essential oils (for Ostara, when your soap will be ready to use).  Your
ancestors did this without any fancy equipment and you can too!

Rev. Rayna Templebee is High Priestess of Beachfyre Coven in Miami, Florida and a daughter of the Ocean Mother.  She loves cooking for and feeding her friends, and finds that soap is a calorie-free way to cook up some kitchen magick!

Mulligan Stew Ritual presented by Raven

Come together as a community to contribute to the Feast Pot Luck Mulligan Stew that will be cooking for the Saturday night feast. Bring any vegetables that speak to you, to add their special energies to the Stew. Just bring a token amount, a handful of this or that. Herbs and veggies from home gardens are welcome. We don’t put red meat into the stew due to dietary restrictions. What we feed grows, so let us feed each other wonderful things!

Raven is our own Kitchen Witch, a member of EMLC, who has been overseeing the preparation of our Tides Feast and the running of the Tides kitchen for many, many years. She also enjoys working with her local animal shelter to find stray cats a new home.

Plant Exchange and Green Energy Swap presented by Otter

Stop by the Plant Gifting event to make new green friends! If you have plants, seeds, cuttings, or plant stories you would like to share with others, please bring them to the Great Hall Patio and learn what Florida-friendly plants your Tides family is growing. You do not need to bring anything to go home with a new green friend.

Otter is a Faery Seer and Pagan Buddhist who grows edible plants and fruit trees at Dreamwalker Grove in Punta Gorda, FL.

Make Your Own Besom Workshop with Lady Paradox

Immerse yourself in the mystical art of besom making with Lady Paradox. This workshop is more than just a crafting session; it’s a spiritual journey into the heart of nature and tradition. Participants will learn to create their own besoms, which have been traditionally used in rituals and as a tool for purification and protection. Using natural materials sourced with respect for the Earth, each participant will craft a besom that is not only a functional tool but also a personal talisman imbued with the energy of the maker.

With decades of experience in the Gardnerian tradition, Lady Paradox has been involved in Wicca most of her life. Her journey began in the heart of nature, fostering a deep connection with the Earth and its gifts. As the leader of a Gardnerian coven, Lady Paradox has dedicated her life to the craft and to teaching others the ways of the Old Religion. Her workshops are more than just lessons in traditional skills; they are an invitation to connect with the ancient energies and wisdom that govern our world. With Lady Paradox, you’re not just making a besom; you’re weaving your own story into the tapestry of witchcraft’s rich history.

Getting Crafty with Fluid Condensers presented by Aerik Arkadian

One single drop of this substance can enhance any magickal project you create. Fluid Condensers have been venerated throughout history and mythology for their energetic potential. You’ve probably used them even if you’re unfamiliar with the terminology. Attendees to this class will learn what Fluid Condensers are and how they work. We’ll even make one of our own! You’ll leave with an arsenal of ideas on how to employ them, starting with the modification of simple rituals and moving all the way to advanced alchemy. And yeah, we’ll talk about adding them to your crafts, too.

Aerik Arkadian is a 3rd Degree Gardnerian High Priest, aborisha, musician, and witch. He runs a Circle of the Horned Moon coven and a Wiccan prison ministry with his wife, Selene. Aerik is passionate about the power of music, occult teachings, and spirituality. He hates olives, but puts pineapple on pizza. You can find him online at aerikarkadian.com or on YouTube at his “Music, Myth, and Magick” channel.

Past/Future Transits presented by Niurca Marquez

This is a movement workshop that considers connections to space/time and ancestry, however we choose to define it. In it, we will work with dilating timelines to connect to the ancestral memories that reside in us on a cellular level. The work is based on a series of somatic modalities and an understanding of ancestral work garnered from Afro-diasporic traditions. It is not necessary to be versed in any of this, much less is it necessary to consider yourself a
dancer to participate. The work is based on some of the latest findings in the science of movement and cognition, coupled with the conocimiento (wisdom) of our cultural indigeneities. All are welcome!

Niurca Márquez is an artist/researcher and published author working in film, site-specific work, and staged performance. She is an initiate of Regla de Ocha and prefers to identify as a kitchen witch. She is a somatic educator and uses her body-centered work to service communities undergoing processes of healing and self-realization. As a queer Latina artist and activist on the margins advocating for silenced voices, she is particularly interested in notions of identity, cultural memory and ritual within a contemporary framework.

Wood burning Basics presented by Chloe

Pack your wands! Wood burning wands that is! Also know as Pyrography, wood burning is an excellent craft skill for personalizing your ritual  tools and adding those extra layers of magick and meaning. I will demonstrate the basic strokes of each tip, how to transfer a pattern, common mistakes and how to avoid them. Bring a wand (or two to share). Other supplies will be provided.

Chloe has been active in the Miami Dade Pagan community for many years and a member of Beachfyre Coven since 2006. She picked up wood burning as a kid because she wanted to be artsy, but didn’t have any actual drawing or painting skills. Still wood burning stuff; still can’t paint or draw.

The Magick, History, and Practice of Sourdough presented by Canu Nodiad

Sourdough is an ancient biotechnology and source of bread leavening that has flourished across myriad cultures. This workshop will include a brief history of sourdough, creation of sourdough starters for bread baking, and exploration of a practitioner’s reflections on sourdough as a magickal process. In short, sourdough is magick because: i) sourdough is ritual, as the magickal baker intentionally fosters the naturally occurring yeast and bacteria all around us into a relationship with each other, and the baker; ii) sourdough and the baker sustain one another and their communities; iii) sourdough is a connection to our human and environmental ancestors; and iv) sourdough is intimate, drawing us into deeper connections with the natural world and our communities.

Canu is a Senior Faery Seership Apprentice, the High Priest of Beachfyre Coven, an Elder in the Georgian tradition, and a founder of Everglades Moon Local Council of CoG. He likes to sing, garden, beekeep, and practice environmental law for the public.

Connecting with Brighid using the Ogham presented by Aislin Wolf

Celebrate Imbolc and connect to the Goddess Brighid in this fun workshop. Learn about the Ogham and how to use it in divination and to connect to the goddess Brighid. You will also experience a guided meditation to ask Brighid to help you release what no longer serves you and manifest what you want to see in your life using Brighid’s sacred element, fire.

Aislin Wolf is a Priestess, devotee and Flame Keeper for the Goddess Brighid, and Temple Sybil with the Mount Shasta Goddess Temple. She is also a Reiki Master, Akashic Records Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, and a certified Hypnotherapist for over 22 years. Professionally, she holds a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and has worked as a trauma therapist and teacher for over 10 years. Aislin is also one of the founding members and a teacher of Red Tent Goddess Sisterhood and co-owns a spiritual business in Miami called Peace Love Wisdom

Turning the Tide is February 2-4