Turning the Tide January 2022 Workshops

Hands holding a tarot deck and card
Here’s a list of the workshops coming up at this month’s Turning the Tide Pagan festival.

Priesthood in Paganism by Canu Nodiad

This workshop will be an interactive discussion of Priesthood in Paganism. We will include the influences and roles of men and maleness in Pagan groups, rituals, and communities with an eye towards identifying healthy approaches to male inclusion (and respectful limits on that), male mysteries, and Priesthood. All genders and their input are welcome.
Canu (he/him) is a cis gender male, EMLC member, HP of Beachfyre Coven, Georgian Tradition Elder, and Faery Seer.

The Essentials of Essential Oils for Magickal and Therapeutic Crafting by Lady Rowan (Cristina Gastesi)

Learn the history of essential oil use, ways to extract oils, and dilutions and blends. We will discuss carrier oils and their combination, as well as different formulations that use essential oils such as bath salts and hydrosols with magickal and therapeutic uses.
Lady Rowan is HPS of a Gardnerian coven in Boynton Beach. Her interests include gardening, herbalism, and witchy history.

A Brigid Devotional by Rayna Templebee

Let’s gather in this beautiful space for a moment to thank the Lady of Creativity, Healing, and Wisdom for her gentle touch. We will sing and charge candles to carry her solar power into the new year and your Imbolc rituals. Candles will be provided.
Rayna is an EMLC member, and priestess of the Mt. Shasta Goddess Temple. Part of her dedication to Brigid includes writing a book on bee priestesses.

Thrifty Witchery: A Penny-Wise Approach to Using the Magick Within You by Martha Kirby Capo

Thrifty Witchery is a system to tap into your dormant gifts by focusing your intuition, wisdom, and intention. By developing and strengthening your ability to forage, find, and fabricate your witchery tools, you’ll become adept at seeing magick all around you no matter where you are–in the city, in the countryside, and everywhere in between–and you’ll develop the self-empowerment that is a crucial component of spellcasting and living your best life as a witch.
Martha Kirby Capo is a Friends of CoG Member of EMLC, editor of Patheos Pagan’s The Agora, and Hekatean Witch.

Chanting with Power: Using Vocal Exercises to Enhance Vocal Power and Stamina by Vicki Scotti

This workshop will teach a variety of vocal exercises to enhance breathing and stamina for singing and chanting in ritual or any time. After going through a series of vocal warm-up exercises, we all will sing a variety of sacred chants.
Vicki is one half of Hecate’s Wheel, a well-known musical group dedicated to the Goddess in all Her guises, and a Gardnerian Witch.

Using the Tarot for Self Help: Questions and Affirmations by Ana Easton

Ana will teach you to use the symbolism of the Tarot for personal spiritual exploration and positive change. No memorization or complicated readings are required.
Ana is an EMLC member and gifted tarot reader with over 20 years of experience offering guidance to clients and friends. She reads professionally at Luna Bohemia shop in South Miami.

Saying the Blessing at Mealtimes—Is It Just for Christians? by Tanit

Do you bless the food you eat? Did you abandon this practice as an adult (or just never start)? Let’s discuss this in a Witch/Pagan context and craft a new blessing we can all use during the festival.
Tanit is an EMLC member, HPS of Silver Sanctuary Coven on the west coast of FL, and creatrix of beautiful embroidered altar cloths.

Plant Spirit Communication by Trisha Parker

Want to ditch those books on herbal correspondences? Enhance your personal spiritual practice by learning how to identify the spirit of a plant and determine its magical use.
Trisha Parker is an EMLC member, herbalist, teacher, empowerment coach, mother, lover, and Witch.

Turning the Tide is January 14-16