Turning the Tide Workshop: Eating the Dead – How Plants can Teach us about our Ancestors


We are so excited to announce the next workshop that will be presented at Turning the Tide 2015.

Eating the Dead: How Plants can Teach Us about our Ancestors

Ancestral energy runs through our genealogy, our bodies, and blood. Ancestral agreements between green bloods (the plant world) and red bloods (humans) form who we are today and by exploring ancestral foods we can learn more about those ancient agreements. This workshop will introduce basic and helpful information about working with ancestral energy in a variety of forms but especially through working with plants that have strong ties to our ancestry. By reviewing the long and magickal process of plant domestication, a complicated contract between humans and plants, we will learn tools for coming into alignment and agreement with the plants that fed the bodies of our ancestors. Those same bodies (and plants) in turn fed the earth where our ancestors lived and worked alongside plant devas. We will conclude with discussion (and feast!) of three plants that are key to common ancestral groups such as the Celtic, Native American, and West African peoples. We will contact the overarching devas of these three plants who knew and cared for our ancestors. Please bring your own bowl and utensil for the feast

Our Eating the Dead workshop will be offered by Rayna Templebee. Rayna Templebee is a daughter of the Ocean Mother and a bee priestess. She is a student of faery seership as taught by Orion Foxwood and has been an initiated Witch since 1983. The Mighty Dead keep her very busy.

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