Turning the Tide (TTT) is an annual festival held at the start of the Yuletide season by Everglades Moon Local Council.  TTT is an intimate gathering of Wiccans and Witches in South Florida.  It is a camping weekend filled with rituals, workshops, drumming, and more!  From its start in 1997, it has grown into one of the more popular festivals in South Florida, with witches looking forward to it each year.

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Activities in past years have included a community pot luck, a wreath/centerpiece competition, and the Iron Witch competition, where contestants were provided a “secret ingredient” to utilize in a spell which they constructed within the contest’s time-frame.  It is always interesting to see how each person designs their spell around this secret ingredient, and fascinating to hear the different techniques and approaches that magickal workers will use.  No two people tackle the Iron Witch the same way, and may horizons were expanded.

Workshops are presented by members of EMLC and the local pagan community.  Always well-planned and well-presented, the workshops given by our talented presenters will satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Faery Seer Breathwork Workshop
Faery Seer Breathwork Workshop

The weekend begins and ends, and is punctuated by, ritual.  Each year, a different group volunteers to lead the rituals upon which the entire festival turns.  This assures that you are exposed to many traditions, including some you may never had have the opportunity to experience.

And, of course, there’s music and eating!  From Drumming to Yule Caroling, nothing seems to lift the spirits like the joyful noise of friends and family coming together in the spirit of community.  Drumming provides the pulse of the weekend, connecting us all with the fires being born during the season.  Our Community Feast, to which everyone contributes a pot-luck item, leaves no one hungry at the end! Before feast we typically have our caroling, which sets the stage for a wonderful meal and main ritual to follow.

Our Festival Mantle Decorated for Turning the Tide
Our Festival Mantle Decorated for Turning the Tide

Everyone who attends TTT each year is asked to bring an unwrapped toy for the children.  Our donations have gone to YWCA’s Harmony House of West Palm Beach, The Center for Positive Connections, and Amigos for Kids.  Harmony House provides a safe place for women and children impacted by domestic violence.  In the past, we have donated to The Center for Positive Connections, which is a nationally-recognized, community-based, not-for-profit organization providing HIV health and prevention education, social and emotional support, mental health counseling, and holistic health treatments for people living with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones.  Amigos for Kids was founded to respond to the diverse needs of South Florida’s abused, neglected and less-fortunate children and their families, through education, abuse prevention and community involvement.

Join us this year! More information about this year’s Turning the Tide celebration can be found at our Turning the Tide info page!

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