Turning the Tide 2013 – Workshops


Turning the Tides 2013: Workshops
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Water and the Well of Mimir ~ Presented by Ash the Silent
Explore the role that Water and the Well of Mimir plays in the Northern Tradition. Meet the Norns, the 3 guardians of this scared well, The World Tree, whose roots drink from the Well, and find out why Odin sacrificed his eye to the Well. Learn the Runes that govern the element of Water, and the Well, and how to harness their power. Then, participate in an “Ice Cube Ritual” to use the transformative power of water in your life.

About Ash the Silent: Ash the Silent has been a practitioner of Northern Magick since she was a young maiden. Schooled in Seidr magick and Druidry, she is an Elder in the community of local South Florida Pagans. She often leads the local community rituals hosted by the MoonPath Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans and is a High Priestess in the Sabbatic Craft. Her special interests are Old Lore and Divination. Her gift is Runecraft – be it reading Runes, or making Rune charms or spells. You can find her doing readings at Psychic Faires and local festivals. She does private readings and private workings by appointment and lives in Fort Lauderdale.

The Old Ones Let Us Sing To Them: Ritual Invocations and Chants ~ Presented by Canu
We’ve all been at that point of planning ritual where the only thing missing is an invocation or chant, but despite the treasure house of pagan music from our tradition or the internet, we feel uninspired. Canu will share original pieces of ritual song and discuss how to grow a word, image, or idea into an invocation or chant for ritual use. Participants will enter the cauldron of creation, and the brave may share the results. Come and learn how to create this basic element of ritual so you can inspire your Gods and ritual attendees!

About Canu: Canu is the High Priest of Beachfyre Coven, a Faery Seership apprentice, an Elder in the Georgian tradition, a bit of a singer and gardener, and an environmental lawyer.

Fae Lines and Family Lines: Exploring our Ancestral Seers ~ Presented by Rayna
Faery contacts are often connected to families of humans over many generations. Since humans and fae have interacted in every culture of the world from the modern day into the deep past, our faery contacts are excellent sources of information on the members of our ancestral line who also worked with the unseen forces of the world. Likewise, all of us have ancestors who can teach us something about how they worked with the fae in times when such contact was culturally supported. This roundtable discussion will explore the intersection of our ancestors and our fae companions. A few simple images and spells for accelerating the awareness of these intersections will be shared.
About Rayna: Rayna is High Priestess of Beachfyre Coven and a daughter of Yemaya.

Faery Seer Breath with Coyote and the FL Branch of House of Brigh ~ Presented by Coyote Morningstar
Join us at the bank of the Oleta River as we open the faery well, raise the green mist, and align the three flames of our soul! This workshop is an introduction to the principles and language of Faery Seership, which inspires the Main Ritual.
About Coyote Morningstar: Coyote Morningstar is a high priest of the Morganic tradition of Wicca as taught to him by Lord Gwydion of Moondrake Coven in 1998. Currently solitary for a number of years he has branched out to study and embrace faery seership and hoodoo, as well as deepening a relationship with Pan. He has been a member of Everglades Moon since its beginnings and has served on the local council board for many of those years.

Stress Less Yoga & Meditation ~ Presented by Deborah Lile
Stress Less Yoga combines energetic postures with restorative poses to release excess energy you are holding onto in your body in the form of tension, tightness and stress, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. Here you treat your nervous system to a soothing, celestial sound bath as you soak in the healing vibrations of singing metals and nature sounds. These sounds take you into a unique state of body-mind-spirit harmony. This practice offers a rare opportunity to journey into a blissful state of ease and surrender as both the music and the poses guide you inward.
About Deborah Lile: Deborah Lile has been teaching yoga for over ten years and has been a practitioner for almost 20 years. In addition to having studied at the Chopra Center for Wellness in La Jolla, California, Deborah has taken elements from a variety of disciplines to create Stress Less Yoga, including Hatha, Restorative, Bikram, Iyengar, and Kripalu. Deborah is a Solitary Practitioner new to The Craft who seeks to learn more. A self-described “work in progress”, Deborah looks forward to being a part of her first Turning of the Tides Festival.

Enhancing Your Magical Practice with Astrology ~ Presented by Aequitas
All skills levels are welcome – both newbies and master astrologers alike! We will explore how you can use the art of astrological timing to aid your magical spellwork and rituals. Topics will include planetary hours, planets in rulership and exaltation, moon cycles, and solar returns.
About Aequitas: Aequitas is nationally certified Level 1 astrologer with NCGR, and has studied Western tropical astrology for over 7 years. He is a member of Beachfyre Coven and serves on the Board of EMLC.

The Care and Watering of your Tree of Life ~ Presented by Sage
Like Chakras, The Tree of Life is used to represent the way energy flows from the divine, through our bodies, and out into the world around us. Join me for an insightful look into what our emotional selves tell us about the state of our Tree of Life, how it affects the way we see the world around us, and methods for focusing our spiritual selves for proper maintenance of our physical, mental, and emotional health.
About Sage: Sage is a native Floridian, minister, Council Member of Father Sky Lodge, and a healer that has dedicated himself to the Pagan community for many years. He has been formally trained in Standing Stones Wicca, Seax-Wica, Celtic Wicca, Kabbalah, and New Orleans Voodoo, and his own Mystic Path represents a blending of these teachings.

Tokens, Amulets and Signs~ Presented by Spelcastor
Good luck, bad luck, any luck at all? What do we do to bring good fortune to ourselves and others? What are the tools and symbols we might use and how do they differ? Are these spells different from others? Come and share that which is not a deep, dark secret.
About Spelcator: Spelactor was welcomed as a Solitary into Everglades Moon in 2002 and holds Covenant of the Goddess Clergy credentials. He does community outreach and invites others into the Craft as Gate Keeper through the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans and the MoonPath Circle.

Coven Craft ~ Presented by Minos Ceos
This workshop will focus on sharing ideas about how to form and grow covens. It will include practical ideas, sharing of personal experiences and reflection on successes and challenges. Come and join us for a constructive and open dialogue.
About Minos Ceos: Minos Ceos is a third degree priest in the Minoan Brotherhood Tradition.