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Bellydance Rhythms 101~ Presented by Roots of Magic
Roots of Magic members will present proper and practical methods of playing the rhythms associated with modern American Tribal Style bellydance. The doumbec will be featured however other styles of hand drums will work just as well. Doumbecs will be provided.

About Roots of Magic’s Anthony Darmana: Anthony Darmana is an artist, musician, and teacher in Melbourne Florida and a facilitator of community drum circles around the state. He discovered his passion for drumming in 1995 and is one of the founding members of the Melbourne Drum Tribe since 2000. He has studied traditional West African djembe rhythms with various teachers since 2004. Anthony has made it his life’s mission to incorporate his passion into everyday life. His percussive skills can be found on a multitude of CDs, ranging from Middle Eastern, Jazz Fusion, Reggae, and instrumental music, as well as many others.

Celtic Tree Calendar & Healing Power of Trees~ Presented by Ash the Silent
We would take a walk thru the year, talking about the trees that govern each “month.” Their magical and healing properties will be discussed. After that, we will all make and consecrate twigs marked with either our calendar tree, or the Ogham sign for a tree that can help or heal us.

About Ash the Silent: Ash the Silent has been a practitioner of Northern Magick since she was a young maiden. Schooled in Seidr magick and Druidry, she is an Elder in the community of local South Florida Pagans. She often leads the local community rituals hosted by the MoonPath Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans and is a High Priestess in the Sabbatic Craft. Her special interests are Old Lore and Divination. Her gift is Runecraft – be it reading Runes, or making Rune charms or spells. You can find her doing readings at Psychic Faires and local festivals. She does private readings and private workings by appointment and lives in Fort Lauderdale.

Faery Seer Breath~ Presented by Florida Branch of House of Brigh
Join us at the bank of the Oleta River as we open the faery well, raise the green mist, and align the three flames of our soul! Rayna will start us off by introducing the principles and language of Faery Seership, and soon you will feel the connection and magick of the Faery Seers.

About House of Brigh: The Florida Branch of the House of Brigh are practitioners of Faery Seership Teachings of Orion Foxwood, who utilizes traditional and contemporary faery lore to connect with the genus loci and our redeemed ancestors, among many other faery practices.

Fixed Stars: Magick in the Astrological Sky~ Presented by Aequitas
Come learn about the “fixed stars” in astrology, used by the ancients long before the advent of tropical system we have today. Also, explore the 8 “power points” in the sky and how they relate to the Sabbats and how to harness these energies in your magickal practices.

About Aequitas: Aequitas is nationally certified Level 1 astrologer with NCGR, and has studied Western tropical astrology for over 8 years. He is a member of Beachfyre Coven and serves on the Board of EMLC.

The Magic of Teas~ Presented by Cat
“The Magic of Tea” will encompass a little history and information about that wonderful and popular beverage as well as some sampling and some ways to use tea in magical spells!

About Cat: Cat is a member of Witch & Famous coven and has been studying the Craft for eight years. She has, however, been drinking tea for MUCH longer than that! She also has a not-so-secret teapot addiction.

Midnight Devotional to Hekate~ Presented by Temple of the Crossroads
This is a small offering to the goddess of the crossroads, Hekate. Our festival campground sits at a crossroads and those crossroads have served as one to our wonderful festival for the last 8 years. To honor her we will gather at midnight by the gates of the park. Bring an offering for her. As we leave out offerings we will sing a chant in her honor.

About Temple of the Crossroads: Temple at the Crossroads is a devotional Circle of eclectic members dedicated to Hekate, who share their personal experiences, knowledge, and worship practices with one another.

My Turn on the Wheel~ Presented by Spelcastor
Spelcastor has been in the Craft since before the 90s. Hear the telling of his journey. How much of it is like yours? Some day you might be asked to write a Statement of Practice. If it is longer than five minutes, how would you keep it interesting? See how a Bard does this, for the Wheel is turning and your time will come.

About Spelcastor: Spelastor was welcomed as a Solitary into EMLC in 2002 and holds CoG Clergy credentials. He does handfastings, community outreach, and invites others into the Craft as gatekeeper through the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans and MoonPath Circle.

Ritual and Etiquette for Beginners ~ Presented by Shaylee and Mia
This workshop will help new or semi-new ritual attendees learn some of the basics of ritual and circle etiquette. But don’t be shy! Our discussion will also help remind us all what can over time be taken for granted. Elders running their own circles can explore ways to make new attendees more comfortable.

About Shaylee: Shaylee is an eclectic Witch who has practiced her Craft for over 15 years. A member of Beachfyre Coven, she is dedicated to the Gods.

About Mia: Mia is an eclectic Witch, dedicated to the Old Gods. A member of Beachfyre coven, Mia has been a practicing Pagan for 20 years.

Stress Less Yoga & Meditation ~ Presented by Deborah Lile
Stress Less Yoga combines energetic postures with restorative poses to release excess energy you are holding onto in your body in the form of tension, tightness and stress, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. Here you treat your nervous system to a soothing, celestial sound bath as you soak in the healing vibrations of singing metals and nature sounds. These sounds take you into a unique state of body-mind-spirit harmony. This practice offers a rare opportunity to journey into a blissful state of ease and surrender as both the music and the poses guide you inward.

About Deborah Lile: Deborah Lile has been teaching yoga for over ten years and has been a practitioner for almost 20 years. In addition to having studied at the Chopra Center for Wellness in La Jolla, California, Deborah has taken elements from a variety of disciplines to create Stress Less Yoga, including Hatha, Restorative, Bikram, Iyengar, and Kripalu. Deborah is a Solitary Practitioner new to The Craft who seeks to learn more. A self-described “work in progress”, Deborah looks forward to being a part of the Turning of the Tides Festival.

Who is Hekate? An Introduction ~ Presented by Chloe & Jette
An introduction to the various epithets of Hekate, along with a discussion of approaches and worship both ancient and modern.

About Jette: Jette has identified as Pagan since 1991. She is a devotional Polytheist dedicated to Hekate, a Witch, a walker between the worlds.

About Chloe: Chloe is a member of Beachfyre Coven in Miami and a founding member of Temple at the Crossroads, a devotional Circle dedicated to Hekate.

Witch Crafting: Creating Your Own Amulets and Talismans ~ Presented by Strix
In this workshop you’ll learn how to design, make and charge your own amulets and talismans. No previous experience needed. Just an open heart to create. Metal bezel and clay will be provided. Additional components will be available to add to piece created however, participants are encouraged to bring their own components.

About Strix: Strix has been a practicing Pagan for over 12 years. She’s currently a member of Beachfyre Coven and co-organizer for the Miami Pagan Meetup. When she’s not studying and exploring the Craft, she’s busy creating art, baking wicked cupcakes or spending time with her tribe.