Turning the Tide 2014 – Workshops are Announced!


What’s that you say? You haven’t sent in your registration yet because you’re waiting to see what workshops are being offered? Well, your wait is over…

The 2014 Workshop Listing is Live!

Here’s a small sampling of the nearly dozen workshops and workings that are included with your registration. Head over to the workshop page for the full listing.

Celtic Tree Calendar and the Healing Power of Trees: We would take a walk thru the year, talking about the trees that govern each “month.” Their magical and healing properties will be discussed. After that, we will all make and consecrate twigs marked with either our calendar tree, or the Ogham sign for a tree that can help or heal us.

Fixed Stars: Magic in the Astrological Sky: Come learn about the “fixed stars” in astrology, used by the ancients long before the advent of tropical system we have today. Also, explore the 8 “power points” in the sky and how they relate to the Sabbats and how to harness these energies in your magickal practices.

The Magic of Tea: “The Magic of Tea” will encompass a little history and information about that wonderful and popular beverage as well as some sampling and some ways to use tea in magical spells!

Witch Crafting: Creating Your Own Amulets and Talismans: In this workshop you’ll learn how to design, make and charge your own amulets and talismans. No previous experience needed. Just an open heart to create. Metal bezel and clay will be provided. Additional components will be available to add to piece created however, participants are encouraged to bring their own components.

These are just some of the workshops that will be offered during Turning the Tide. For a complete list, head over to our Workshop page.

Your registration fee includes admissions to all of the workshops at Turning the Tide, plus cabin or tent space, all the rituals, and so much more. Remember! Space is limited, so be sure to register today and take advantage of early bird pricing.

There is also still time to order your festival t-shirt! T-shirt orders must be received by November 15th to ensure we have your shirt when you check in. We cannot guarantee availability or sizes after the 15th.

Mock-Up of TTT2014 T-Shirt. Final Shirt may have slight variation from above.
Mock-Up of TTT2014 T-Shirt. Final Shirt may have slight variation from above.

We will be updating our site as we get closer to festival time, so keep checking back! Don’t be left out – get your registration in today!