Turning the Tide 2017: Planning your Food

Turning the Tide starts THIS FRIDAY! And we are so excited that you will be celebrating with us.

One of the big questions we are asked each year is: How do I plan for food at Turning the Tide? This page will cover all your food-related questions!

Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday is included with your registration, so we will have a continental-style breakfast waiting for you. And coffee. Lots of coffee 🙂

You are responsible for your lunch on Saturday. You can either bring lunch food in or take a break from Tides and try one of the local restaurants (or Aunt Publix) for lunch. Camp Greynolds is located off Miami Gardens Drive in Miami Beach, and there are plenty of quick but delicious places to go.

We will be doing our traditional Mulligan Stew. This is a stew made from contributions from all of our Turning the Tide family. The ingredients are blessed and then combined by our Kitchen Witches into a wonderful dinner. We do ask that each attendee bring something to contribute to the Stew. This could be pre-cut vegetables, herbs from your garden, legumes, etc. Think about what energies you would like to contribute to the feast! Please also bring your food prepared for adding to the stew. We don’t want to tax our Kitchen Witches by having them chopping and peeling more than they have to.

Dinner on Saturday is POT LUCK
. We do ask that each member of our Turning the Tide family bring some side dish or dessert to contribute to the meal. Some important things to keep in mind:

1.) There is no cooking at Turning the Tide, so prepare your contribution in advance. Our Kitchen Witches will NOT BE ABLE to cook your food for you.
2.) Keep the number of items that need to be reheated to a minimum. Our small kitchen will be filled with our Kitchen Witches making our delicious homemade Mulligan Stew, so stove and oven space will be very limited.
3.) Remember that you do not have to feed everyone!
4.) Please do not bring soup. Our Mulligan Stew will be enough soup for everyone – and don’t worry, we will have a vegetarian option as well.
5.) Publix is just around the corner, so one great option would be to stop it at lunch and pick up a Rotisserie or Fried chicken! Our Kitchen Witches will be happy to break this down for inclusion at dinner.
6.) You are not limited to chicken! Plan a side dish or dessert that can be served at room temperature or cold. There are some great ideas on sites like Pinterest: we’d be happy to guinea pig for a new recipe you discover!

WE ARE A GREEN FESTIVAL: This means that you will be bringing your own dinner wear, silverware, cups, etc. Washing stations will be set up after breakfast and dinner in the Great Hall kitchen so that you can clean your feast items. We would like to limit our footprint on Mother Earth. THERE WILL BE NO PAPER PRODUCTS AVAILABLE AT MEAL-TIME. Plan to bring your own plates, bowls, utensils, cups, and mugs. In addition, we will have recycling bins for items that can be recycled. Please do not use these for garbage!

BRING YOUR BEVERAGES: If there is something specific that you would like during Dinner, Breakfast, or through the festival, be sure to bring it with you. There will be a small amount of space in our kitchen for keeping your beverages chilled. You can also bring a cooler that closes tight to keep in your cabin for closed items. We do have an ice maker in the kitchen, so there will be free ice available all weekend to keep your coolers chilled.

As a reminder, the camp does not allow alcohol in glass containers. If you choose to imbibe sacred brew, please do so discretely and in a non-glass container. Please also remember to drink responsibly. You will be in sacred space all weekend.

BEWARE OF ANIMALS: Remember, we will be outdoors and sharing our space with wildlife. Open containers of delicious human food and drink left in your cabin may draw them closer to you than you would like. This is especially true of the park’s RACOONS who are notoriously cleaver and love people food best of all (and have little fear of humans after years of people feeding them). There should never be ANY open containers of food or beverages in your cabin. If you store food and racoons or other animals damage the screens to access it, you will be responsible for the costs of replacing the screens in your cabin.