Witches & Wiccans Respond to COVID-19

The internet has been fully a-buzz with information regarding the coronavirus/COVID-19. Our friends at The Wild Hunt have been very active in covering everything from festival and event reschedulings and cancels, information for faith leaders, and more. Click here for their corornavirus information.

For our Witches and Wiccans in Florida, the State of Florida has set up a website dedicated to COVID-19 resources. Click here to head over to see the latest news from around the state.

Here at Everglades Moon, we’re doing our best to engage in physical distancing. Those of us who can stay home are staying home, which has made ritual and meetings interesting. Luckily, Zoom is our friend and we’ve been staying connected via Zoom, email, social media, and phone calls. And we’re constantly praying for our members (and the general public) who are considered “essential” – our doctors, nurses, grocery workers, restaurant wait staff, and everyone else who is still doing their jobs to keep the rest of us safe, cared for, and fed during this time.

In an effort to help the community, EMLC has put together a page of non-medical resources that may help you get through this phase of the virus with us. It has everything from how to make masks to Witchy media to consume, even a round-up of some really great podcasts! Click here for those resources, and feel free to let us know of any you feel we should add!

Now go wash your hands, wipe down your phone, and text your friends and family.